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today at Vail

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9" new, but considerably more in the trees and parts of the bowls. I headed out to Siberia and Outer Mongolia in the morning- plenty of untracked or lightly tracked lines until after noon; light and dry, mostly knee deep but billowing up to the waist, with very light skier traffic. The sun came out at mid-day, and by later afternoon a sun crust was beginning to form, and the crud was consolidating. All in all a great day!
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I was dying yesterday, seeing the snow report and the blue skies. Unfortunately, a bad cold is keeping me in. I'm hoping I can get out tomorrow and catch you before you leave.

Thinking of getting to Vail around 10am maybe, give the sun a chance to soften things up (I bet it's really crusty in the morning). Will call you either tonight or in the morning.
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Man that looks great. Saw the snow report and knew it was going to be a spectacular day. I am so sick right now I had to sit out last weekend and don't even know if I'm gonna make it up this week. At least I can live vicariously through your pics.
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Another bluebird day today. Lots of consolidated crud in the bowls, but plenty of soft stuff in the usual places (Champagne Glades, trees to skiers left in China Bowl. By late morning things had softened up in some places- the wall off the cornice in Teacup Bowl (is that Ghengis Kahn or Sweet and Sour?)was especially nice, and the bumps at the bottom were just perfect. Back in Denver this evening- all good things must come to an end, I guess. Sorry I missed you guys- try again next time?
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Hey Dave, so sorry I couldn't make it up there. I was really sick and just couldn't shake it in time. I'm planning to hit the Basin on Monday probably -- you free?
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Hi Faisasy- We missed you- glad you are feeling better. I am working Monday, (I guess eventually one has to!), on call on Tuesday and leaving for Switzerland on Wednesday! I'll only be getting 2 days in Zermatt (I am going there to speak at U. Basel) but it will be my first time in the Alps. Let's plan on getting together when I get back.
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You have no idea how great it makes me feel to read this. I'm going to Vail the 14th for the week and and completely excited.
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