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Thermic heaters & Salomon Devine Boots

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We recently picked up a pair of Salomon Devine 10 boots for my wife. They came with the Thermic heated footbeds. We had to oder the battery packs from the ski shop. Long story short, they weren't in when we picked up the skis and boots, so the ski shop UPS'd them to us. They arrived today.

I consider myself a fairly mechanically inclined individual, but I don't see how these battery packs hook up to the boots. I can get them to hook to the velcro strap no problem. However, I can't get them attached to the mount on the back of the boot. Any insight would be helpful.


A shot of the back of the boot:

Direct link if image tags aren't enabled here:

Clip on the back of the battery pack:

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does the middle of the batt case come off at all? the part between the thin metal rails? It might reveal an attachment point.


The batt might slide onto the boot clasp sideways, and then twist 90' to lock it onto the boot?
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These look a lot like my Hotronics, and I'll be they attach the same way:

Hold the battery sideways, slip the clip over the bracket and twist.
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The battery packs appear to be solid...nothing seems to be removeable.

I think I'll try what you and garylk stated....hold is sideways and try from that angle. Why didn't I think of that? HA!

I have to say, the directions that came with these battery packs left a lot to be desired. The book is very thick, but they only have about 3 pages of actual English directions. They've printed all languages in just one book.

I also tried Salomon's website. I thought maybe they'd have some sort of users' guide up there. No such luck. They don't even have an e-mail link. Just a suggestion: "We encourage people to use our website."

Anyways, I'll give this a shot when I get home today. Thank you both for your suggestions!
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I thought the metal clips on the pack would slide up onto that plastic lug from below, then snap into place. There are grooves on the sides of that lug, right? Try sliding the pack on from below, pushing upwards.

The rotation style mount is for a different lug style, I believe (the one sold by thermic as an accessory for boots without built-in battery lugs).
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Got it! Like you guys had mentioned, I had to come in at a different angle. I basically had the battery pack pointed in a 9 o'clock direction. This allowed me to slip part of the metal bar over the top part of the mount. Once that was done, I just turned it, *click* and it was all set. Thanks for the tips!

I can put a head gasket in my car, take apart my ATV 6 ways until Sunday, swap lawn mower engines, but I can't mount battery pack on ski boots. I guess I get confused if nuts and bolts aren't involved.
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next time, bigger hammer
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Originally Posted by mntlion View Post
next time, bigger hammer
I may have to fire up the air compressor and use the impact wrench.
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One word of caution- be careful on the chairlift as you can easily dislodge that battery pack getting on or off!! It will be long gone by the time you realize your foot/feet are getting cold. Also the chair can break off the plug and wire at the top of the battery on impact.

I prefer to clip mine on the outside of the boot straps (outside edge). They seem to stay on the straps fairly well and this eliminates the chair hitting them either way.

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Some excellent advice! I'll make sure my wife pays close attention when on the chair!
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