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Should I buy these stiff boots?

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I just came across this forum, and the resources here seem to be fantastic. Any input would be appreciated.

My background...

After about 10 years in my Lange X-Zero-8s, I've finally decided to get new ski boots. I've been putting it off because I remember the amount of work and pain it took to get myself properly fitted a decade ago.

Back then I was an low-level intermediate skier who has since developed into a full-blown expert. In these boots, I've gotten fully PSIA-certified, raced in city-league and other recreational racing (single digit NASTAR handicapper), but also enjoy skiing off-piste in steeps and crud.

Anyhow, the Langes are WAY too soft for me as I can essentially crease the shells when carving hard.

My anatomy...

I'm 5'10" 170lbs, I have a pretty flat arch, and a wide forefoot with a narrow heel (typical asian feet). I have short legs with a slight knock-kneed stance while skiing due to my knees not tracking exactly straight when flexing. I have excellent dorsiflexion, average calf muscle and a large tibialis anterior (shin) muscle. My previous bootfitter told me I could use about about 0.5* of canting on one of my boots.

My new boot consideration...

Last weekend I demoed a pair of new 2009 Fischer SOMA RC4 Progressor 120s with my footbeds just to get a sense of the flex and SOMA stance. I figured the SOMA stance would help my knees track more straight as the boot turns the entire lower leg and knee joint out slightly. The fit of the 26.5 seemed to be decent and the flex was great on groomers and hardpack and could have even been stiffer. However, in the off-piste, these were pretty hard to flex and I felt that I was over pressuring my heels (I had many a jarring hit to my heels when I'd land catching some air off a small bump.)

Could this flex issue be fixed by adjusting the forward lean to change my leverage? I believe I have a slight heel lift in my Langes, so would that improve my fore-aft balance in these boots?

Any input or even suggestions for a different boot would be appreciated.
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try the heel lift and see what if feels like,

do the boots have a F lean that is adjustable? try the different positions.

all this is reversible so try it and see what is best for you
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