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How can I make the search function work better for me?

I want to search for "Head S9" ski boots in the reviews. The search returns all posts with "Head." How can I find specifically "Head S9"?

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It looks like the "S9" is getting removed from the search filter. This message is at the top of the results page:

The following words are either very common, too long, or too short and were not included in your search: s9
If you search for, say, "head supershape" it works as expected, returning only threads that have both words in the text.
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You can use Google to search. Type something like this:

"head s9" site:forums.epicski.com

into www.google.com. The "site:forums.epicski.com" bit tells it to restrict its search to this site; everything prior to that is what you want to search for, using the normal Google seach syntax. Much more powerful searcher then what's built into the forums.
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One potential drawback there is that Google may take some time to show recent posts. But if you're looking for older posts, it should work fine. Also, they can't search in any forums that require a username/password to view.

There's probably a setting in vbulletin that can be changed so it doesn't do this.
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If you use the Google search field at the top of the forum pages, it does that Google search for you.
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