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I posted previously about foot pain. Previously low-advanced skier, now downgraded to intermediate due to constant pain. I have barely skied this season and can't be on my skis more than 5 minutes without stopping.

Doctor says I have neuropathy---cause unknown, but it could be something like the nerves being too close to the surface of the skin.

There is agreement that overall whatever is contacting my foot and leg (footbed, liner, shell) needs to be both SOFT and SUPPORTIVE.

Pedorthist found my boots fit well and stance is balanced; he wanted to make me an orthotic.

A local boot fitter (ABB certified) says he would:
1) Balance my stance
2) Try the stock footbeds from the TEchnica Modo boot, which is described as quite cushy
3) Build up support under the foot if necessary (Price up to this point is $60 for 1 1/2 hours of work)
4) Heat mold my Heat S9 liners
5) If the TEchnica Modo footbed doesn't work, make me some Instaprint footbeds for an additional $125. But the boot fitter has some doubts that the Instaprints would be soft enough.

I'm tempted to go to the local boot fitter because, in contrast to the pedorthist, he listened very well and took a lot of time with me on the phone explaining the options. His price seems very reasonable.

Yes, orthotics would be best, but I am financially challenged.

What do you think of this game plan?
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if the stock footbed does not work then i would try the producxt i previously suggested to yuo, the new DMP product form superfeet is released in the next 3 weeks, it will give you similar support to what yoyu have had before but is much softer

good luck
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Hi Colin,

I did try to find the new Superfeet. No one in my area has heard of them, unfortunately. I can't put off skiing any longer---season could come to a screeching halt soon.
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mm they should have info by now, we are told it hits the selves in the US on the 14th march... try the stock liner built up first

maybe a superfeet dealer on hear can shed some light
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Follow up: I called Superfeet. They said the DMPs will not be in stores until the end of March. Also, they're not heat moldable, which is a big concern.

So what is your impression of Instaprints? My research on them seems favorable.
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not available over here [bar one place] so no real experience

i would not worry about heat mouldable. i have been testing dmp for 3 months now, it does not need to be heat moulded to work well...mind you we have managed to heat mould them
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Have you personally skied the DMP? Can you tell me your impression (in detail)?
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i hav emot skied in them, i use the full kork for that, but they are in the shoes i am wearing right now

the support is very very similar to the normal trim to fit products [after you get used to the initial softness] i am used to a firm product under my feet so it did take a while [3 days] to get used to but now they feel great, the wear pattern is exactly the same on these as is on my other SF all in all i think they have a winner on the way, it gives the firm support associated with the superfeet range but with a nice soft cushion feel...great for sensitive feet, trust me this product will be very much in the line up as soon as i can get my hands on it!
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Further update to CEM:

I received this e-mail from the product manager at Superfeet: "In regards to the DMP, the makeup might work, but its top layer (lack of top cover material) would not be conducive to skiing. It would just be too hard to get your boots on; the top foam would stick too much to the sock. It wasn’t designed for sport application at all."
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I guess i'm getting into this thread late....

What exactly have you been feeling? Is the problem a neuropathy or a neuroma? Please explain.
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Was finally diagnosed as neuropathy.

Symptoms: General acute pain throughout entire foot and leg to top of cuff. Increases if I tighten my boots anything beyond very moderate----but then I don't have enough support for steeper terrain. Has worsened year to year over the last 5 years. I can only ski a few hundred feet and then I need to stop to relieve pressure.
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strange response from them, may not have been designed for sport bit it sure as hell works well for running and i have not had a problem getting my foot in the boot
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