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Whistler World Cup Feb. 2008

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These were the first World Cup races I've been to and it was a blast--we will definitely plan future ski trips to see other races. (Thanks to those who answered my questions about viewing the race in my previous thread). The finish line was the place to be, though the best viewing areas and bleachers were VIP/Whistler ski club (I did get up front on the side). I also watched part of the ladies' downhill from a viewing area along Franz's Run and the ladies' Super G from the Roundhouse bar (they showed in on a huge screen in Whistler Village as well). The bib draws were fun events, too. Here are a few pictures, and there's a few more here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/christy...7603986658608/

Bode at the finish of the GS

Finish area and leader board (GS)

Didier Cuche before his famous ski flip

Julia Mancuso and Lindsay Vonn at the bib draw

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Awesome pics, sounds like a lot of fun. From everything I've heard the races were executed near-flawlessly from an organization standpoint (would have liked to see fewer 4th places and more podiums from the Canadians though, but just wait for 2010!).
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