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Hunter this weekend

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9" in the forecast for Hunter this week on top of the dumping they got last week and continuous snow making. I will be there Saturday trying out my untested by me race-stock Head slalom skis. Anyone else?
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Rich, I was thinking of going up on Sunday....I have to work Saturday. If you change your mind on the day, let me know. If you do go on Saturday, would you please PM me with how crowded it was?

I would really appreciate it!


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If either of you go on Sat or Sun, please let us know about conditions; I'm going early Monday morning, before it gets too warm.

I suspect that by noon on Monday it will start to get get sticky there.
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Lots of soft snow. Not too crowded. Get there as early as you can the soft snow gets chopped up very quickly. The whole mountain was all moguled up by the afternoon. By the afternoon you could pretty much up one level to every trail due to the conditions, blues were black, blacks were double, greens were blues...etc. It snowed most of Saturday sometimes very hard.
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