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Long leg, short leg question

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At the ripe old age of 66, I have finally accepted what I've been told by tailors, bootfitters, and anyone else looking at me analyticly - DANG! My right leg is shorter than my left leg. Except for the impact on skiing, I don't give a rat's @$$.

I really DO care about the impact on my skiing. I engage in two entirely separate, although realted, sports. One is turning skis to the right (easy), and the other is turning skis to the left (impossible).

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do you know how much the difference is, normally if it is minimal then there is no need to do anything as you ski on a fluid surface the terrain is constantly changing under your feet, but as it is causing you turning problems it obviously needs something doing about it... there are various thing that can be done, but all depending on the amount of lift required and the equipment that you are using

1 lifts could be fitted to your boot, this is the optimum as it allows you to jump into any ski without any problem
2 a lift could be fitted under the binding , this means you need a flat top ski and will have to use left and right ski and cannot just pick up a rental / demo ski for the day
3 if the amount is large then a combination of both the above may be required.

make sure this is all done by a reputable fitter, it may be easier to try a lift under the binding first to see if it works, it can aways be removed if it fails, when on the boot it is pretty permanent [unless you build the other one up to match!!]

good luck
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Oboe, FWIW, tho I am not an invited boot fitter, I think it would serve you well to look at this thread in the competition forum area.
It is about a young man I ski with who races, with one short leg.

CEM is correct, however, it would be helpful to know how much the length difference is.
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From my own crude devices, the discrepancy appears to be about half an inch to 3/4 of an inch.
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P.S. TC, thanks for the link. In that thread, I found another link to Green Mountain Orthotic Labs regarding just this situation. I think I'm in business!

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those are the guys in your area who can deal with this one,

good luck
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Well, the tale turns . . . I have been measured by medical professionals. There is absolutelt no question that my right shoulder is lower than my left should and that my right arm extends further down my side than my left. I know that my right turns are easy and my left turns require the assistance of five strong men, an Act of Congress, and a Papal Dispensation. BUT . . .

The medical professionals have found no disparity in leg length. From pelvis to foot, they have found that the distance is greater in the left than in the right - by a measley one half centimeter. I'm told that's of vitually no consequence.

Any ideas?
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do you have a good footbed in your boot? is the boot a good fit? these then alignment would be the best places to start, then possibly working on the muscle of the pelvis [the gluteals and piriformis] to build them on the weak side.... beig as where you are and what you ahve found i would head to GMOL and get them to have a look at your set up

good luck
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