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WARM mittens for small Toddler Hands?

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OK bears help me out. My 30 month old daughter is becoming quite the skier. She's got a dozen days in so far (granted a ski "day" is usually 2-4 runs ~30 min) with Dad. Her mittens (LL Bean) don't seem very warm. I ordered her a pair of swany's (size 1/2) which seem to have more insulation (still not as much as I'd like), but they are too big & fall off. Any recommendations on mitts for really small hands? Should I go with handwarmers? So far if it has been <20 we keep her off the slopes.
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Columbia Chippewa mittens. The XXS will still be a little big but we used handwarmers with them and had happy kids. The good thing about them is that they are pretty waterproof so the hands don't get wet.
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I've always sworn by the REI mittens/gloves because they have a cinch at the wrist and a toggle at the top of the gaitor but they don't seem to have them in anymore online. You might want to check with a local store. I also got a couple pair of Columbia gloves when the kids were smaller and was always astonished when they would be out for an hour or so and take off their gloves and have TOASTY hands!
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Got a pair of insulated mittens with a hand-warmer pocket. Waterproof ones if you can find them that small. If you use handwarmers with ordinary mittens, get her a pair of really small glove liners. Handwarmers aren't supposed to have direct contact to skin. They can get really hot.
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I posted a link to Bear Claws....you can fit them in.
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Thanks folks - after a google search for the Columbia mitts, I found out that Hestra makes mitts for tots. I have a pair of their gortex mitts and they are super super warm. I called them up & they recommended the "2 zip mitt" #3508- unfortunately it isn't on their website as they are almost out (I think I bought the second to last pair). But you can see it here http://www.coloradofreeride.com/hest...08-pr-155.html

The guy on the phone did say that the "my first hestra" and "baby zip mitt" aren't "real" skiing mittens - ie not so warm. I think this is the real issue, Well how many 2 & 3 year olds are actually out skiing? Although, you'd think keeping them warm during sledding and snowman making would be important too...

I'll let you know how they turn out.
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I've bought "L-Bow" mittens for my kid from since he was 1. He's 6 now and still wears them. Advantages--

Pocket for hand-warmers.

Ambidextrous, no right or left as the thumb is symmetrical.

Nylon gauntlet comes way way up on arm. This prevents air leaks, snow/rain leaks, and also makes them very very hard to accidentally fall off little hands.

Mittens are warmer than gloves.

Here's a link to one of the models, they come in toddler and kid sizes--

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