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Demoing at Wilmot Mountain (yeah right)

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6'0", 195 lb, 55 y.o sedentary slug, moderately athletic, solid level 6, looking for something to replace 7 year old Salomon Crossmax 9.

All of my skiing are trips out West... Christmas in Tahoe, where it could be hardpack and ice or a foot of cement or light and fluffy. Also, a trip or two to CO. And all of my time (up to now) is on piste, but looking for something to handle moderate powder and crud.

A couple of months of lurking, and a trip to glorious Wilmot Mountain's 180 ft vertical yesterday for Viking's Demo Days, led to this report.

Demo'ed these... listed in ascending order of their impression on me...
the conditions were 2" of fresh man made on top of very hardpack/ice...

10) Atomic Nomad Crimson— only got on the 178, obviously the wrong combo of ski, skier and conditions... no way to fairly judge them with their wide waist.

9) Dynastar 8000, 170ish cm—(did not feel connected to ski... I think there was a binding problem)

8) Volkl AC20, 170ishcm— okay, until challenged with ice and transition to steeper terrain, then washed out

7) Atomic Nomad Blackeye 171 cm, I compared notes with another tester, who agreed that they were probably in need of de-tuning,as they were very hooky. I actually got knocked down on my first run in them, and almost again on the second run... obviously great grip, but hard to evaluate clearly.

6) Head Supershape Chip 170ish cm— would be a perfect ski if I never encountered anything other than the conditions of the day, but the quest for flotation scared me away from the narrower waist.

5) Fisher Cool Heat 170ish cm— very solid edge feel, but a little hard for the Old Fart to turn in short radius

3) Volkl AC30 in 170ish and Nordica Nitrous in 170ish— both had very solid feel, a little easier in the short turns than the Cool Heat

2) Atomic Nomad High Noon 170 cm— every turn felt great, connected, easy rhythm, light feel, maybe a little too soft... felt it would get knocked off line in heavier snow

1) Head Monster im78 171cm— same results as High Noon, with more of the firmness of the Nitrous, but easier to turn... felt extremely confident on these.

Then tried a few runs on my Crossmax 9... they have always felt vague and uncertain... edge grip on and off, responsiveness to input iffy... I will be glad to donate them to charity this Spring.

Perhaps I was a bit brainwashed by all of the glowing reviews here and elsewhere, and possibly predisposed to favor the Monsters... but I think that I was fairly objective in my evaluation... ordered them from Dawg last night as soon as I got home!
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Good choice! Head Monsters 78 were the best ski in Wilmot this weekend.
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I forgot to mention that the Monsters tested were the 09 version, with more elegant silver on burnt coppery orange graphics and chromed tips that somehow did not associate themselves with their moniker very well.
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