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Alta-Bird 2/22-3

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Little Cottonwood approach - Beautiful!
Going to be another great day at the Bird!
Out of the clouds in Little Cloud
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bottom of great scott
peruvian gulch from the tram
Alta - to the trees of Wildcat
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looking down at East Greely in the afternoon, it was pure pow in the a.m, skied out but soft now.

soft sweet and a little steep, low down on east greely
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Great Pix Tom, I'll enjoy the goods tomorrow.

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devil castle = boom, boom it will open soon (avalanche guns going off means i'm at the right place for skiing)

the gang traverses out baldy shoulder for first shot in the am, see the tiny ants on the hill

tippy top of alta, god has to be somewhere around here, i know i said "oh my god" when I saw the view. takes a little climbing to earn
this view! Check out the Wildcat lift way, way down there. I found me my own fresh line down, ripping it, hooting and hollerin, until i
hit an unseen traverse and exploded!
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I found me an "alta guide" on the way up Superior, and he took me his Catherines stash.
yahooo - first dibbs on my line (guide had 5 yrs of bird passes, but is now an AltaDevotee, to each his own)
better keep up, alta guides you meet on the lift, don't bother looking back to see if you are keeping up.
heading up collins first things, another beautiful day in paradise, yes I'm a SnowbirdDevotee, but I can surely appreciate Alta. this one is going on a wall somewhere.
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WOW! Best TR I've seen in a while.
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Mountain View at La Quinta, Midvale.

Skiing = Schlepping, lots of organizing, "group dynamics<g>", etc etc. we get the job done.

SLC freeway, I-15, think that's BCC in the middle. yet another Big Storm moving in.
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on the way up to Brighton last day.

This is what 500" of snow before March 1st looks like. Ho Hum, just another $54 powder day for me in Utah!
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Very nice! and it's still going off...
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hard not to smile!

We will tell you it only takes 25 minutes from Midvale/Sandy. Yes and No. In good weather yes.
Check the road out, about 3" of boilerplat ice, took until 6pm untl we saw a salt truck/plow. and on that day
it took 3 hrs to get down from the upper Alta parking lot. Only 1.75 hrs from tram lot This road is a blessing a curse.
The blessing is this is a narrow wilderness canyon and that should halt overdevelopement, the bad news, it's prone to
avalanches, closures, delays, very slow traffic up and down, you never know! If you are a Cottonwood skier it won't be
too long until you ask yourself, should we wait or head over to PC, where it may not even be snowing, or downgrade the day with a BCC ticket.
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here are pics from my early dec 06, "poor" early snowfall, base was only 40", (low for the bird), but skiing was fabulous!

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Ah :. Nice pics. Two more weeks until I am at Alta once again!
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oops, to the trees of Wildcat, was actually moving into East Greely.

i've heard a few newbies to utah asking about backcountry, blah blah blah.
I think most of you will be quite satisfied skiing inbounds at Alta/Bird and find
very little reason to wander afar on your first few trips. Ski 100 of the 100.'s of
nooks and crannies at the bird(lesser so alta), and then start worrying about hiking.
The good news is there is rarely a reason to hike at Snowbird, except for exercise, certainly not for sightseeing.
Maybe Bushwacker will tell us how many Experts Only Gates there are to be found??
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glenn most people who ski 'backcountry" are talking about the avalanche control gates which have nothing to do with being an expert or not.
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i was really referring to the "out-of-town" sports like me!
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[quote=SnowbirdDevotee;866733] ...guide had 5 yrs of bird passes, but is now an AltaDevotee, to each his own...

It's very common.
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