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Big Sky Next Week?

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Heading out to Big Sky next week with my family. Just curious what the snow conditions are like out there this time of year.

We normally get out there early/mid Feb, never this late in the season.

Can we expect spring skiing yet? Any reasonable chance of snow? Forecast doesn't look to great.
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Last week was warm & sunny, our first real taste of sunshine and nice weather all winter.

Off-piste conditions are:

The south facing aspects warmed up and were nice skiing. Things cooled off over the weekend and those same slopes are now frozen sheets of ice with ruts and chunderballs.

The good news is, we also picked up about 20" of new over the last 4 days. Stick to the more northerly aspects until the rest of the area has had a chance to heal up. The Bowl will be good skiing.

The Groomers are in terriffic shape and there is better coverage here than I have seen at this time of year since 1996.

The weather looks to remain unsettled over the next 10 days with a decent chance of more snow.

You are on track for a good vacation.
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