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Top Ski Videos

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Hey all...Im new to this forum stuff but figured it would be a good place to find out what are some sick snowboarding and skiing videos...I know a few like TGR films but was wondering what else is out there ...when I find stuff I'll start posting here but I guess I'm looking for awesome locations and ridiculous powder!

Let me know whats in your heads!
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Lost and Found and Anamoly from TGR are sweet. TGR seems to film the best powder segments in my opinion. Yearbook and Focused are sick from Matchstick, but no snowboarding. Off the Grid and Cold Fusion are my two favorite Warren Miller films, also very good. Matchstick tends to stick to Big Mountain and Park segments and Warren Miller films just about everything. I have heard that Tanner Hall's new movie "Believe" is pretty sick too.
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I am a big fan of Greg Stump's stuff but I also like some of the older Warren Miller stuff as well. My favorite movie is either Fistful of Moguls or Blizzard of Ahhhhhs.
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I'm a fan of Warren Miller and have seen em all but I was looking for some newer stuff. I heard he is coming out with a HD movie which I'm real syked for!! I found this local video in Jackson Hole from a production company out here called KGB. Its pretty sweet...more of a documentary about some local skiers and boarders (all nasty / semi pro) and their struggle to live the ski bum lifestyle and still make a living. Its pretty cool ...I'll find a website so I can post a link.
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Ok so here is a trailer i found on youtube for The Sublimation Experiment...let me know what you guys think

short trailer:
long trailer:
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sorry here is the website also to KGB Productions just in case you wanna check it out
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I've been addicted to ski porn for at least 2 decades now.

The Waiting Game is my all time favorite Big Mountain flick.

There are A LOT of other production companies out there that produce better films than TGR, imo. I love the TGR sequences, but I hate the stony vibe they capture in the athletes. I like the professionalness of Matchstick, Wink Inc, Poor Boys and other Canadian and European production companies.
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'Let It Ride' The Craig Kelley documentary is probaably the single BEST action sports film i've ever seen. Insperational. Oh, and the action and sound track are sick.
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"Yeah Dude" a Poor Boyz production is 45 minutes of non stop action with great music and awesome skiing.

I think it's the best movie out in recent years.
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Ski Bums........If a movie can change the course of your life, it has to be good!!
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