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240mm long 90 mm wide

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Hi there,

This is on behalf of my sister who has just returned from a ski trip and decided that she finally needs a more advanced boot.

Currently using a beginners boot (Salomon Sensifit 25.5 shell with a 25.0 liner 298mm sole length ).
She bought this based on comfort reasons (instep) and which is now too soft on the flex and already starting to pack out. A shell sizing indicated this was way too large with two inches behind the heel ;-)

Female skier, 8 stone (112lbs), 5 foot 8, thin calfs

10 weeks European skiing - Mainly traditional straight skis.

Currently happy skiing on Volkl 724 EXS (ladies) 163cm 15.5m radius - Motion LT rail binding system so

shorter boot length won't be an issue.

Advanced intermediate learning to carve - Not a particularly strong or aggressive skier but likes to ski all

day. Not afraid of ice or moguls but avoids both. Wants to learn powder. Not fussy about colour.

Feet Measurements (Semi-weighted) (Range given where left & right feet differ)
240-242mm sole length
88-90mm forefoot width
220m forefoot circumference
290-300mm instep circumference (from heel)
55-58mm heel width

Sneaker size UK5.5

Relatively high instep with a strong arch. No custom footbed at present. Sports shop in Mayrhofen supplied

a Conform'able trim to fit for cycling & walking which has at least proven the concept of footbeds improving

fit to her.

My thoughts are:
First - Full Tilt raichle flexon remake or the Dalbello Krypton.
Second - Plug options - Head Raptor RD 130, Atomic RT 140, Salomon Falcon Race , Lange WC 130
Third - Other - Lange 120 LF, Salomon Falcon 9 or 10/Scarlet, Dolomite Pro-Z,...?
Fourth - Junior Race boots. E.g. Falcon 100 (She doesn't have a large budget so likes this idea)
Fifth - While she is fairly light, ladies specific boots aren't really necessary due to skinny calf.
Sixth - A zip-fit liner naturally (Grand Prix? but probably not right away)
Seventh - Foam injected as last resort.

She doesn't feel she skis enough to warrant a top of the range race boot although she

does envisage doing a full season in the not too distant future. Either way I feel a stiff boot would need

softening and she won't like the closeness of a true plug.

Further research reveals:
Head Raptors only start at 23.5,
Full Tilt start at 22.0 = 268mm sole length but what last?
Dalbello Krypton at 22.0 with 98mm published last

Note to CEM: I am encouraging her to acompany me when I visit you later this Spring ;-) [I'm the nut who

bought 3 pairs of raptors off ebay]

1 - With plug boots published at 95mm forefoot width, what width in a 23.5 shell?
2 - Plug boots necessary to suit such a narrow foot? Is this a realistic option or are there other very narrow

3 - Is 23.5 likely to be small enough?
4 - Any other comments at all gratefully received (including sarcastic ones if you so desire)
5 - Do ZipFit liners come so small?
6 - Is she light enough for a junior boot?

Kind Regards,
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1) I dont have the charts with me, but about 2mm width per size
2) lange HP fit (freeride 110 W) or full tilt, or salomon falcon jr or ladies (instinct)
3) maybe, 22 = better I think, but will take more work to get right. 23 is 2 sizes smaller and a good starting point
4) ummm, find a good boot fitter and let them do all this work for her.
5) don't know, but they should
6) for some yes, others will be too soft. not all jr boots flex the same, just like not all adult boots flex the same
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blimey..... i would can the full plugs she will never bend them, 98mm shell may be just a little bit more foot friendly

23 will probably be small enough but it will depend on model as mntlion says that is 2 sizes down and will she tolerate it if you go smaller again

lets take a look if you can get her down in the spring
zip fit is available down to 22 [21 in special order certain models]

junior race boot possibly but lets see what she can bend

i will have [hopefully in May] next seasons atomic CSL110, Ti100, Lange W/C team, Head raptor 90 all in 23...if they turn up when they have been ordered for we can get smaller if needed
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Thanks to you both. Very good information as if there was ever any doubt.

Look forward to seeing you again soon Colin.

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