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Ok I need some help, I am currently going threw a pair of salomon course boots on the average of a year or less, and I need something mcu stiffer, than my foamed course boots. I wear a size 27.5 in the normal course model.

I am getting a pair of Salomons Course XP Plug boots, and plan on foaming them too, I know that they need a ton of boot work, inorder to ski them, some thing that I am not afraid of dooing, and I have all of the proper tools on hand, Grinder, Dremel, Heet Gun, boot spreader, etc. So that isnt a problem. What I am worried about, is that the course boot is a lot narrower, and since it has thicker plastic uses a thinner liner, since I am not racing, but skiing hard everyday instead and shooting pics, should I go a have size bigger and get the 28 and then foam em???

Please help I have to put the order in this week.
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I would not go longer to try and get wider in any boot. I use the Tecnica plug boot, and stayed in the same shell size as I had in every other boot. Get the shell fit about one finger (1/5 inch) or a little less, and get ready to grind. If you have a footbed already, stick that in the shell ( minus the liner), and put your foot in. You will probably know what needs grinding right away. You can also try the lipstick on the foot method, if you are having a hard time figuring out where to grind. The whole idea of a plug boot is to ski the shell, not the liner. The low volume last/thin liner combo may be a better fit than you expect, even before grinding. If you have not done much of this stuff before, you may want to practice on an old boot. When you dremel, keep you other hand on the outside of the shell where you are working, and you should not grind through (probably not gonna happen in a plug anyway). Good luck, and be ready for a very reactive boot.
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