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Holiday Valley Sunday

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Wow! What an Epic day.

BlueBird sky, Great snow texture and a windless 30 degree day.

Not to mention crusing around with the Wife in tow and the company of Heluvaskier and Girlfriend. we had so much fun. Great liftconversations and laughter all day long.

Thanks to Greg and Kathleen for making it so much fun. We will do it again before the year ends.

Did run into SkiBoats and family. We didn't get to ski with them as the kids had a different agenda. Which I understand completly. No problem Cris.

And for you who think Holiday Valley isn't the place to ski on the weekends, we might have waited in a line five minutes, might not have been that long. Most other times, it was ski right to the chair. So for those of you who thinks Peek N Peak is the place to ski instead, go for it cause it just makes for shorter lines at the Valley.

How come we didn't have a camera?

Thanks for a good time Greg
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For those who were in WNY and didn't ski this weekend - shame on you! Kathleen and I joined Lars and his wife for a day on the snow Sunday. There was not a cloud in the sky all day and the snow surface was more like skiing in Colorado than in Western NY. I might even have a faint goggle tan. I think we treked across the hill many times and skied close to all of the nooks and crannies at Holiday Valley (skipped two chairs maybe?). Kathleen and I have decided that skiing with Lars is great because everytime we meet him to go skiing - the snow is GREAT. I don't know where he orders the conditions from but he does a fine job.

WE did run in Skiboats who was out enjoying the day with his family in tow - who I think ventured in the direction of the terrain park... Terrain parks scare me. : So do moguls. I was happy because Lars didn't make me ski any moguls.

I think the lack of a camera was because we were too busy skiing. I should have snapped a few pictures with the digital video camera - but the skiing was just too good to waste time taking pictures.

If you're ever in WNY - get out on the snow and make some turns with us!

Lars - I had a lot of fun - as always. You do need to teach me about getting the snow to melt off the top of my skis though. It seems that I am still a beginner in that area.


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It was a nice day, wasn't it? I was there as well, at least for the morning, with my family in tow. No doubt we ran across each other once or twice, but not recognize each other. The only slope relatively scratchy yesterday was the first couple of turns on the Wall.
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It was one of those awesome days. Sun. Not one stinken cloud anywhere.

Like Lars said, for as crowded as people are afraid it is going to be, there were at least a 1/2 a dozen or more lifts with no line at all.

My kids are at the age were I am so happy just to have them along, I let them lead the show.

There is still alot of winter left around here. I'm sure we will get together.

Went to Kabobs afterwards. Was particularly tasty!
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I was a couple hours east of you guys and girls. Saturday: Masters race at Swain and Sunday at Bristol with my wife and all my regular skiing buds. Yep, two beautiful days!!!
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Great day indeed! I was there w/my GF. I saw Skiboats et al from the lift on Morning Star. HV must not be that small cause I'm sure I would have recognized Lars & Heluva had I seen them. This Sunday's forecast sounds promising as well, mabe not as bluebird but even better surface from all the snow and cold temps we've had this week.
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We had beautiful skiing this past weekend again... Lars, you must have been on the snow somewhere to order up such fine weather. Any chance you can make sure to order me another sunny day next weekend? I am going shopping (somehow...maybe online) for a softshell coat and pants and will want to try them out ASAP.

Thanks again for the good weather.
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Another awesome day wasn't it?

I'll try to conjur up another just for you when you want it sweetie.

3 weekends in a row might be too much to ask for WNY though.
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