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I have been skiing the 2007/2008 Dalbello Krypton Pro this year. It was professionally fit at at shop in Ketchum, Idaho and the fit is great. The boot is very comfortable, skis fine, and is warm. No complaints. However, I was reading the owners manual and it clearly states that the optional forward wedge "corresponds" to a particular stiffening device that goes into the rear of the boot. I was skiing with the 13 degree forward wedge and NO stiffening device. Should I have had the stiffening device in the boot to "correspond" with the wedge? The reason I ask is that in the tightest area around my upper ankles, I have been getting a little chaffing and am wondering if the lack of the "corresponding" stiffening device allowed the inner cuff to clamp down on my ankles more than the design intented WITH THE STIFFENERS IN PLACE. In orther words what would an expert say about skiing with the forward wedge in place and not the "corresponding" stiffeners.

Another comment, with the forward wedge and corresponding stiffener, the boot can be made a little more flexible by using the softer tongue so there seems to be several options on flexibility/stiffness. The key is finding the best option with all the variables.