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East on the way back?

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Sounds like with two storms on the docket for this week (potentially over a foot from tomorrow in Northern areas) and the recent light powder for mostly south we're starting to get back from the rain storm that threatened to nuke the season last week.

This is my favorite time of the year in the east - after Feb vacation and we usually still get a fair amount of snow - some good storms this time of year and good cover.

Planning to head up a day this week later and weekend hopefully.
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Wish I could come up. Work is in the way then west trip oh..
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West is still best - wish I was going! There are no words for how good it was and they're still getting several feet every few days out there - have a great time ... gotta save for Disney later this year or I'd be heading out again too

Instead ... I'll relish our small victories of snow ...
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I skied Burke on Saturday and Okemo on Sunday. The groomers were skiing pretty nice (spectacularly nice on Saturday, actually). Burke got 3 or 4" on Friday from the storm.

The bumps were ummmmm, icy. They looked sweet with the freshies on top, but they were absolutely bulletproof from last week's rain. I didn't try skiing the trees, but I heard conditions were "breakable crust in the good spots".

So they definitely need some more help from Mother Nature to help out the natural-snow / un-groomed areas. They have the cover; just need to bury the ice.
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I skied sugarbush on Thursday and it was icy. Only groomers were skiable to anyone without a wish for a premature death by tree contact.

Went over to lake placid and skied whiteface. It was awesome. They did not get last Monday's heavy rains and it was fantastic. My wife (she loves groomers) came into the lodge on Saturday with a **** eating grin on her face saying it was was one her top ten days ever.

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Stowe has been skiing very well. Groomers have been in really nice shape the last few days. The bumps aren't in great shape, but if my 5 year old could ski down Chin Clip yesterday, you can too. Things'll really be cookin' after this next storm though.
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Here are some pics from the Bush last Wed, Thurs and Sun. The bumps were icy, the trees abit boney but still some great skiing was had on Wed and Thurs. The fresh snow on Friday and warmer temps over the weekend softened things up. Skiing was awesome today....a taste of spring.
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I skied Windham Mtn. in the Catskills Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday. Yesterday (Wed.) was by far the best day of the three. About 10" of fresh on the first runs, and some untracked accumulated pow up to 2' just off some of the trails and still untracked as late as 2:30. Practically nobody was on the mountain. It was still a bit crusty underneath the soft top layer in places. Monday afternoon got quite icy.

Heading to Snowmass in a three weeks and can't wait.

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Here's a Maggot-Eye view of Stowe yesterday... not bad.
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13" yesterday in ME and another 12-24 predicted for tonight/tomorrow.

-32F this AM - brrrrr - but sets the stage to wring out the advancing moist air.

Woohoo - life is good!
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I think even the mid-A is recovering. I was at Snowshoe WV yesterday after 10-12" of new snow, and it was great. I do a fair amount of Snowshoe bashing, but I have to admit it's a pretty nice place on an uncrowded weekday with powder. Few random pics:
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Originally Posted by Whiteroom View Post
Here's a Maggot-Eye view of Stowe yesterday... not bad.
I took a quick day trip up to Stowe on Thursday, 2-28. It's one mountain that I don't know, but I went with 3 guys who knew there way around, so I just followed. It was around 0 degrees, blue ski and sunny.
We started the morning with an excursion out of bounds past Chin Clip. It was shin to knee deep with fresh tracks to be found easily. some of the upper section was a bit heavy snow, I guess from the exposure, but a little further down was light stuff that could rival Utah. It was sweet, but trying to navigate past the drainages almost didn't make it worth it.
Next we did a bunch of in-bound glades runs. We were rarely on trails, but we when we were, they were either perfectly groomed, or the bump runs had the occasional hard pack that sent me sliding as there wasn't quite enough powder to bury the last rainstorm.
The woods were another story. My favorite was the woods on skiers left of Goat. They were packed powder with about 10" of light fresh powder on top, good pitch, and the trees were pefectly spaced. Tres Amigos, Lookout, the glades between National and Liftline, and the dozens of others that don't have a name, all were in great shape, with fresh tracks to be found everywhere.
We did do one run that was a bit hairy. It ran from just to the skiers left of upper Goat right below the Octagon and was mostly a snowboards width between rock and trees for about 400 vertical feet, and steep as anything at Stowe. I wound up doing falling leaf turns down a lot of it, just angling my tails or tips where I could fit them. That run was just plain silly and did I mention the guys I was with were on a mission. I bumped into a Stowe instructor that I knew, and he said he thought the locals called it mainline, but had never been on it. after surviving the top section, it opened up a bit and got really nice.
All in all, the glade skiing at Stowe was awesome, the trail skiing left a bit to be desired, and Stowe is one STEEP mountain.
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welp ...I think we're back. Magic was great today. They got a couple of feet or a little more this week and there were stashes of hip deep in the woods. Really nice weather, light winds, even sun at times.

Lots of ripped up pow and crud by afternoon but it was light and not set up so it made for some real fun skiing. I kept asking people lying down on some of the trails if they were OK. Luckily all I found were tired skiers from the unusual pow day they're not used to

The topper was - everything was open, INCLUDING Magician, which I haven't skied in two years. It was really nice too - soft because noone's been skiing it. I also found a new stash called Hallow or something - followed a trail in the woods off it and there was untracked opportunities everywhere. Look for it Magic skiers!

Get out there and enjoy March - for many areas in NE it's the biggest snow month!
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