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Ski length seems to be a perennial topic on this forum. With this in mind I thought some might be interested in the following method of calculating ski length.

First work out the ideal height for your weight.

(use the height in the middle of the acceptable range)

Then go to the Stokli website, and find the pair of skis in their range that is equivalent to the "other manufacturers" ski that you are interested in. They have a big range, so you should be able to find a ski with the same side cut dimensions and intended use as the skis you are interested in (Obviously you should only compare twin tips with other twin tips).

The website suggests a height based formula for calculating the length of each of their skis. Depending on the type of ski this could be height -20cm, height +15cm or anything in between. Apply this formula to the ideal height for your weight, and head for the demo tent.

The length recommendations on the Stockli website tend to cover a range (eg + or - 5cm). Muscle bound experts who ski powder should go with the long end of the range, Weak beginners who stay on groomers should go short.

Hope this is of use to someone.

Caveat: Although I'm pretty confident about the above, I should state that I've only been skiing for 20 -25 days, so I am by no means an expert. Some more experienced folks might like to comment?

One last word, some might say (particularly on TGR!) that "ski manufacturers always recommend that people buy their skis too short", well, if you know better than the guy who makes the skis - I think you should go for it.