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Tahoe (Squaw Valley), 2/23/08

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The day started with almost blue skies, but got progressively clowdier as the day went. it started snowing before noon and by 1pm it was dumping. Here are a few pictures of us skiing Squaw on that day:

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One more picture from a nice day:
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I had also skied the 23rd. It was an okay day of skiing. I sticked mostly to blues that morning and Siberia Bowl because I was sticking with my sister so I missed all the good skiing. By the time I stopped skiing with my sis and had lunch, it was cloudy and snowing, with bad visibility. I got a priv lesson for an hour and we did Shirley Lake and Granite Chief, working on tilting my shoulders to the angle of the run and leaning forward. The visibility was bad, but the conditions were perfect. But it got worse. After my lesson, I decided to finally have a chance to do something at least a bit steep and challenging, so I rode up KT-22. O! the scariest time of my life. It was not that steep, the Woman's Downhill off KT, but the visibility was at worst. I could not see the texture of the snow right below me. Not to mention, it was pounding snow as stated above. There were 15 ft cliff warnings all over the run and it was probably 35 degrees steep. Just took it one or two turns at a time. It isn't a challenging trail (as I didn't fall once; then again it isn't that hard to fall if your goin that slow!); just visibility was horrible. Even on Mountain Run, the visibility was really bad. I called it a day.

So, I thought the morning conditions were superior; but afternoons' was REALLY REALLY and so on bad.
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Yes, we were done by about 2:30 on that day (the wind picked up and made it a bit unpleasant and also my legs were giving up). On days like that i prefer to head for the areas that have some trees around, they make visibility a lot better. Main bowl of KT22 is not that pleasant on the day like that, West Face and Red Dog parts are much more tolerable. The snow conditions made it well worth it though.
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skied the morning on Silverado which hadn't been open for a few days. then got the kids out of ski school & skied Red Dog until they succumbed to the weather. couldn't believe how un-crowded it was!

sunday was great as the snow kept falling. skied Red Dog, KT & Squaw Creek trees. found fresh all day, although towards then end, it was getting tracked.

when I-80 was closed for the night, we had to turn around and stay the night in tahoe. darn, as we had a nice bluebird @ Northstar on monday. got in some nice trees on the backside & lookout. got a little heavy in the afternoon.

all in all, a great weekend of skiing.
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those are pretty good pictures.
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Originally Posted by powderhound100 View Post
those are pretty good pictures.
Thanks- The first picture is me, the second is my little brother and the two other guys are my buddies, who are very good skiers. That was a good day indeed.

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