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Origin of the term 'mogul'

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Similar to this thread, however, more of a vocabulary question...

So my 5 year old asks me on the lift today, "Why do they call them moguls? Why not just bumps?" My answer that some people call them bumps didn't really seem to satisfy her. Usually I can just make something up that she'll buy when I don't know the answer to one of her mystery questions of life , but this time a) I couldn't think of anything creative/remotely appropriate and b) I felt it was something I should actually know!

Anyone where 'mogul' came from?
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Etymology: Persian Mughul, from Mongolian mongγol Mongol Date: 1588 1also mo·ghul or mu·ghal \ˈmü-\ capitalized : an Indian Muslim of or descended from one of several conquering groups of Mongol, Turkish, and Persian origin; especially : great mogul

That's the textbook dictionary vocabulary etymology. I guess because they tend to form in groups?
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From Wikipedia:

The term Mogul is probably of German dialect; akin to German dialect (Viennese) mugl small hill
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in reference to your daughter-

moguls are only made by skiers. bumps can be made by skiers or develop naturally.
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Next time make sure you give her an assignment to find out where they put them in the summer.
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According to Karl Gamma ( president of the ISIA in the 80's )," The term mogul is thought to derive from an Alpine dialect word , mugel , meaning small hill."
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I thought the term "mogul" came from the indian word for "too much like work when there's some freshies stashed over there!"
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I liked that video someone posted where they were migrating uphill using time lapse photography.

Yeah - tell her they plant them in the fall and they come up once snow hits
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That's what you say as your air leaves your lungs, skis release from your bindings, and you become a yard sale.. "UuuummmOoohh-Guuhhlll!"
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I thought it was German for too many gapers skied off my powder
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Originally Posted by skierhj View Post
I thought it was German for too many gapers skied off my powder
I'm having a vague memory of overhearing someone telling a little kid that they were kids that got in the way:
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let's not make a mountain out of a mo-gul
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where is "Norm" when you need him?
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Originally Posted by mosh View Post
where is "Norm" when you need him?
Wasn't it Cliff that always had the story about the history of whatever bla bla bla blah?
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In Texas, they believe it derived from the dejected cries of Texan guys at ski areas...

"What we need around here is mo guls".......

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