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Broken Ankle & New Boots

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Hello All,

I just bought a new pair of boots (Head Edge 10). I broke my ankle years ago and as a result my right ankle is constantly swollen and my foot is wider to compensate for the lost flexion in the joint.

My boot on good foot has broken in and feels great. The fit on my bad foot feels tight. My bad foot continues to experience numbing after a couple runs. I feel pain/numbing in my “big 2 toes” and the ball of my foot.

My boot fitter has heat molded both boots. What are the next steps we should take?

Thanks for your advise!
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First off, Welcome to Epicski!

It sounds like you may need to address your ankle range of motion issue first which would entail an appropriate size heel lift to open the joint and take pressure off your forefoot and allow your heel to feel more grounded. Now, though you need heel lifts for your limited ankle flexion it may pitch your hips too far forward? So you may need to have some external adjustments to better align your fore/aft stance.

The next step would be to examine your ankle volume an anomolies and make room for them by grinding or stretching the shell to accommodate your needs. If this doesn't take care of all the ankle issues or discomfort, a custom liner like "Intuition" may be a good call as they mold very well around irregularities and help even out pressure distribution offering maximum comfort (cost $200-250).
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nailed bu Bud, not a lot more that i can say
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Do you notice any pressure over your instep? (or red area's) If the tongue is putting too much pressure on that area you will also end up with numbness and pressure in the area's you mentioned. We're probably looking at a combination of issues that my colleagues and I have pointed to.
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Thank You all for your help. I’ve mentioned all you’ve said to my Boot fitter. I’ll report back on the results
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