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Strolz for a custom fit?

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What do you all think of Strolz boots for an aggressive 6’ 250 lb male with size 11.5 EEEE with very high arches & insteps, with narrow heels and huge calves. I do have a boot fitter in the area that can fit me comfortably but it takes many trips to the shop and many hours of tweaking. Will the Strolz custom shells and liners help me?
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they may do they may not....personally the strolz line is really like a boot fitter having all the different shells, different widths , volumes and flexes, if it takes time to fit the boot from another line then i would think it may take similar time to do the same job with the strolz boot

i prepare to be shot at by a strolz salesman any time soon
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Thanks for the reply!
I was hoping that with a wide enough shell to start with and a custom molded liner, it would remove all the stretching and cutting and padding etc...or so the Strolz web site use to say. One fitting and they are ready to go.
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"Will the Custom Strolz boot help me?" Yes. I have helped 100's of people with fitting issues over the past 17 years with Strolz boots. Are they for everyone? No. They are for people that have not been able to get the fit they want out of an off-the-shelf boot, and truely want a custom fit. Generally speaking once the fitting and foaming is done, you are set.

Also, from my experience the Strolz boot and liner will last up to 2 to 3 times as long as a stock liner.

My contact info is available on the site if you would like to give me a call.

(CEM, I have been doing this for way to long to shoot down any other boot fitter because of their opinion. You are obviously a professional and I respect that. I hope we get to meet in person sometime.
I help people with boot fitting issues and get them on the hill skiing with comfort and the performence they need in a ski boot. All my customers are happy and are very satisfied with their purchase.)
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