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New gear questions

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I am in the market for some new equipment. I used to ski race many years ago and have been snowboarding for atleast the last 15 years. I am now looking to get back into skiing.

I weigh 235, 6'1" aggressive skiier. I am looking for skiis that are well suited for carving hard, relatively fast medium turns. They need to hold like skates on eastern ice and rip up groomers. I have no desire to ski in powder since we don't get much around here. Besides powder days are when I snowboard. So far I have demoed a few skiis.

k2 apache recon 174? these were allright nice and quick edge to edge not the greatest edge hold though. fun

salomon tornado 170, absolutely loved these skiis, awesome edge hold on ice, quick edge to edge, they carve like champs, super fun allaround

elan speedwave 12 168, these were great skis to rip around on, nice carves of any size, good edge hold, quick edge to edge, not as much rebound as the tornado's but fun to ski.

elan magfire 10 168. Did not like these skiis much. terrible edge hold once you get going medium to fast. Great tight turns, not very reboundy, overall just allright.

I seem to like skiis that have a radius of 14.5 - 16. I like to be able to carve edge of trail to edge of trail on narrow trails(if that makes any sense) and open them up on open wide trails and get moving. It has been suggested to me to try fischer rx 8 in a 175, cold heat 170, progressor 170. I plan to do some more demoing before I buy but I am looking for suggestions and input on the skiis I already skiied and the ones that I plan on trying. remember skiis that are good on hardpack,ice and groomers. Thanks
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MAgfire 12 or 14 would be more suitable from Elan.
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Volkl Allstar may suit your needs as well. Good all rounder for the east.
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Atomic SX12.
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Im exactly in the same boat as you. no powder skiing, need good edge hold in ice so I bought the elan speedwave 14
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Same situation as you and so far I am looking at the SpeedWave 12. I demoed a few skis that were wider than 70 underfoot and they feel like a lot of work to get on edge in anything hard. I'm hoping to find them for demo before the season is out. Update when you decide.
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Originally Posted by bluesurf View Post

salomon tornado 170, absolutely loved these skiis, awesome edge hold on ice, quick edge to edge, they carve like champs, super fun allaround
I think the above statement answers your question.

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any opinions or first hand experience with the fischer rx 8 or progressor. Thanks for the suggestions thus far.
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I am 235 and ski the RX 8 in 175. Carves well, excellent ice hold for an all mountain front side ski. Short to long radius turns are great. Likes to be on edge, a little squirrelly when flat at speed.
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Good thread …

I too am looking to switch out my current skis (’05 Atomic B5 Metron 172cm). I find these skis enjoyable, and can take everything I push at them except the deep Sierra powder (probably my limits more than the skis); I enjoy working a steep fall line more than big arcs but these are heavy skis and after several runs, they take more effort to work than I would like (add some bumps and the burn in my quads really gets going). I’ll be 50 this year and these skis exhaust me more than I would like (the age factor not withstanding). I ski mainly at Squaw Valley these days (some KT-22, some Granite Chief, and Emigrant until the legs go). I’m looking for skis/bindings combo that can deliver a wide range of skiing, hard in the morning but a more relaxed and extended day into the late afternoon. Good for carving but acceptable in moderate powder, not afraid of some moguls, and with stability at speed. I am 6’ 1’’ 230 lbs. Boots are Technica Diablo Magnesium. In my younger days, I was a respectable level III skier but now probably borderline level III / II+. Opinions?
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