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Argos v Gotama

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I'm thinking about adding one of these to be used as an everyday ski for the 1-2 weeks a year I get out west (which will usually be either Solitude/Alta/Snowbird or Jackson)....interested in compare/contrast impressions from those who have been on both. I'm 5'9" 170 lbs...former racer (in college 20 years ago tho)...ski pretty aggressively both on and off piste....am told by guides I'm a level 9, but I'd say on the lower side of 9.

Also, what length for each ski? 183 for the Goat and 187 for the Argos? Or will the 187 Argos be a lot of ski at my height/weight and I should go 180 instead?

Thanks in advance! Oh, and feel free to recommend alternatives.
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I have been skiing these 2 skis for 3 days switching back and forth…
  • Go with 183 for Gotama and 180 for Argos – no doubts here. I am 5’3” 170lb was skiing 176 and 173 respectfully with very good stability and wonderful float.
  • Argos have no speed limit (at least I was not able to reach it), very precise and fun. However, it has to be muscled in trees and has very stiff tail – it will not absorb any shock for you, you will have to do it by yourself.
  • Gotama is not so precise, but a lot of fun. It is effortless in tight trees and bumps. Outstanding shock absorption. Nice big tail. The speed limit is very low (could be higher in 183 as I have skied in 176).

As for me, I need something in between – going to demo Head SuperMojo 105 in a few weeks.
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Stroller, thanks for your impressions! Could you tell me a bit about your skiing ability and style?

FWIW, your comments make me lean toward the Blizzard since I tend to like stiffer skis that require more input but reward it too (after all the time on race boards). But if they're really beasts to manage in anything but high speed wide open spaces...

Thanks again.

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Regarding Argos, high speed is a must! Open bowls are optional but recommended! They do reward you for the input, but they also hit you hard in even small jumps (just to change the line in moguls or rebalance yourself). They feel good in the morning, but they get more “demanding” after lunch – not your ski whole day ski.

I have racing background as well. I ski trees, moguls, open bowls, black, double black, unmarked within the boundary.
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I own a 190 Gotama and a 187 Argos, I'd agree whole heartedly with Stroller. He's right about the length and feel of both. I prefer the Argos.
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I prefer the Argos as well. Both are good in soft snow, but the Argos is better on hardpack and in cut up crud. Seriously no speed limit.

FWIW, I ski the Argos in a 187 and would get a Gotama in a 190. I'm an ex serious racer, current beer league racer. I'm used to, and like, stiff race stock skis. I'm about 5'10" 175.
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OK looks like it's Argos 180s for me. Last question: which size Dukes should I get for a boot sole length of 308 (Lange WC 130s size 26.5). The smaller version says 265-325 and the larger is 305-365?

Thanks all.

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Small FR16
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