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Kirkwood 2/24/08

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MidDay report:

KW reported 24” new and it has been snowing hard all morning. Visibility was pretty limited in any open areas. The weather was about perfect.

We are staying at KW which is good b/c the roads in are closed.

Managed to get 3rd chair on 6. I had very sweet 1st run with the 1st tracks down Look Out Jank. Next I skied the rope line next to Chamoix for some knee turns at the top. Spent rest of the time on chair 6 exploring the trees around the runs. It seems like there has been some well placed pruning. Very fun.

Moved over to Chair 11 when open around 10:30. Met up with Nova2. We found some good snow in the trees and in the Conestoga area. The new snow seemed a bit lighter than the overnight snow. I started get some face shot on my last runs. Also, between the snow and the wind, the tracks were getting covered up pretty quickly (in 2-3 runs worth of time) off chair 11.

I got 5 runs in on Chair 11 before it was time for me to head in for kid duty and let the Mrs get some powder turns in.

Tomorrow (2/25/08) should be good, plus it looks like we might have a babysitter lined up for the day.
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Last weekend was epic in Kirkwood's own woody way, I'll remember this season for our timing always putting us up their during the storms. If I don't have my goggles and face mask on it just doesn't seem right?

Friday was good fun, Saturday afternoon was the main dumpage and big wind, and Sunday was the most fun. Meeting up with Stormday was great, he always seems to push me to ski better and that's without any coercion or prompts, we got into some knee deep pow with a face shot here and there. The trees were fun and like Stormday said they provided some shelter from the wind and they also held some tasty pow.

I had to leave on Monday after a few turns, I'm wondering how the conditions have been holding up there with all this sun. Kirkwood has been known to stay cool, let's hope it is so.
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I'll be up there Sunday. If it's spring conditions I'm OK with it. Funny how the east is getting hit and I'm going west.
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eyeski: I've been up at KW all week. It's spring corn in the sun, but there is plenty of wintry snow in the shadows/north facing terrain.

You should get some excellent sunny California skiing in. Kind of day that blew my mind when I 1st moved out from CT.
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I was at kirkwood the friday before...see trip report below. Awesome day, I wish we were still around for the bigger part of the storm.
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Hey Stormday, we have to start taking pics for our TR's!
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I have a bunch of pic and vid from the week. Mostly of the kids. Might do a TR for the week.

LMSD #1 1st run down Zachary

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