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Gotama Length Help (183 or 190)

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I have a chance to buy 07/08 Gotamas with Jester bindings at a great price and wanted some feedback on what size to choose. I currently have Volkl 177 AC4's and Volkl 180 GS Titanium Racetigers and believe the 190 Gotama would be a perfect length for me. I am 6'5" and weigh 215 and am very athletic. The guys at my shop are torn what size I should go with as they say the 190 is a huge ski, but due to my height and build they feel the 183 may be a tad to short. I am a speed freak and love huge GS turns and could care less about bumps. I just want to make sure that if I do go 190 that they will not be tanks and impossible to get them to respond. This is of course the ski I will be taking out West and want to be able to take into the trees, bowls and on piste when needed. What are your thoughts?

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The 190 is NOT a huge ski, it's actually light and quick (to a fault, IMO). I'm 6'3 and ski the 190cm in tight eastern trees. Get the 190.

...pssst...hey, has anyone ever told you you're 6' freakin 5" ???? Whom do you suppose the 190cm length was intended for? Andre the Giant?you you
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Do they make a 197 Gotama? If not, get the 190.
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190 It Is

Thanks guys. I felt 190 was the correct length and just called the shop and did the 190's. The only thing tough about this decision is I was also looking at the Stockli TT 188's, but the deal for the 190s and Jesters was way to good to pass up. I should have them in time for my trip out to Mt. Bachelor and Tahoe!

Thanks for the input!

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Yeah...this is no brainer....190 all the way...you are a beefy dude...you need a good sized board under you. Right choice.
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I ski so far 70 days on the 190 Gotama with the Marker Jester here in JH.

It it is the single best setup I've skied in 18 years here in JH.

With a 29.5 meter turning radius, you don't find me in the trees (at all).

The 183 was the holy grail size for many skiers here in JH.

Whoever pointer out that the 190 is not a huge ski>>> KUDOS!

Are the from the ski shop from Ski Beech? They are many, many other "huge" skis on the market- certianly not the Gotama. I'm not even that great a skier (for JH) and I can ski it just fine.

You'll love it.

A whole tread could (should) be started about the Jester. I really like it. The best binding. Ever.
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Beefy, Andre The Giant?

Man, you all are giving me a complex! Beefy and Andre the Giant is not how a dude likes to be described! I appreciate all the comments and could not agree more that the 190 is the right way to go! Cannot wait to get the setup and hopefully the 190's wills stand up to my fat butt!

I do have to admit as I have never ever been on a wide board like the Goat and this is the reason for the post. The fattest ski I have been on and also own is the 185 Snoop and have no problem handling those, but at 105 under foot the Goat just seems huge. I have read a great deal on the ski and have read that is handles groomers just fine. That honestly amazes me! The AC4 has been a great ski and I absolutely love the Racetiger as the thing runs Mach 1! But I am now ready for the long and the fat and am sure the Goat will live up to all the hype!

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You'll carve on the Goat like a dream.

Did I miss it? Where do you ski?
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You did not miss it! I actually live on the East coast, but travel quite a bit to Canada and out West! I have a trip setup for Oregon and than Cali and than next year will be hitting Whistler for 2 weeks. The ski will not get used on a dialy basis, but between the deal I am getting and the amount of traveling I do it will be nice to only have to travel with one set of boards! Plus as you can see I am a huge Volkl fan. I have been on Volks since the old 207 Volkl Rentiger days and have never looked back. I am sure the Goats will not disappoint.

Thanks for all the feedback and re - assurance!

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Your shop guys are a little retarded....."OMG it's a huuuuge ski!!!"

Duh...you're huge. Plenty of people ski a 190 gotama in the east who are smaller than you. I'm 6'1" and 185lb and would ski it....have 190 big daddy's though.
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The twin tips make it ski shorter then a 190. This was a no brainer and I'm glad you chose correctly. The goats in a 183 ski shorter then any other 183 ski that I've been on.
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