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rotator cuff injuries

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Does anyone know of devices to reduce the chances of a ski fall re-tearing rotator cuffs that have been repaired by surgery?

One possible device is a hockey shoulder pad set to reduce impact injury to the shoulder.

Another possibility is a restraint that limits the range of motion of the upper arm which might help in a non-impact situation. Such braces are sold to prevent dislocations of the shoulder in football- but one orthopod thinks they would not be helpful to prevent rotator cuff tears. Any info welcome.
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When I had a rotator cuff injury caused by a fall skiing, I couldn't find anything that I believed would protect my shoulder sufficiently to allow me to ski. I skipped the rest of that season.
Good luck.
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I'm not sure there is anything to protect the RC from injury because such an injury would happen from a twisting/tearing motion, not an impact.
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I too have tried to find a solution for this but it seems that any device that limits the motion of the shoulder to protect it would compromise your ability to use your poles properly thus potentially putting you at a greater risk. A while back I suffered a traumatic separation of my rt superspinada tendon, it will never be the same but I have learned to protect my right side and try to keep my hands below my shoulders which seems to provide for better balance. It is aggravating particularly on powder days when you reach a little farther, my solution is to use longer poles in the soft stuff.
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