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UGLY on the slope.

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Yesterday at the top of a ski lift I saw a very poor exchange between a boarder and a skier. Both men appeared to be in there early 40's. The boarder popped up getting ready to start his run and jumped his board sideways without looking. This cut off a skier (hard to avoid a boader when thier board is on your skies?) who had started on his run out of the lift area. Of course the two collied and the snowboarder went down screaming fowel!!! The skier responed in kind and added a poke from his pole.

The funny thing was that both were at fault. I had another discussion with a lady snowboarder who was just at her wits ends with the number of out-of-control skier/boarders going up the lift later in the day.

Hate to say this but it seems that a little common sense seems to be lacking. The rules of the road seem to go out of everyone's minds when they get on the ski slopes. What was it your parents taught you about crossing a street? Look both ways before you start!

What do you think??
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I now this will come as no surprise to anyone, but here is my story.

I have been patrolling at my local hill for about 10 or so years. We have a high percntage of boarders at this area. Maybe 60% or better on my night.

I have had my share of run-ins with the kid boarders over the years. Mouthy and challenging at best.

Funny thing, last season, I learned to ride. On a dare basically, my crew all tried riding one shift when I was not there for one reason or another.

A fellow patroller and AASI instructor offered a few lessons to allow me to keep my dignity intact and accept this challenge.

Although I don't expect to switch to riding exclusively, it is a fun diversion. It has also provided an amazing side effect!

I am now recognized by most of the problem makers as a patroller that rides. I get much more cooperation now than I did before.

If I am riding, I get great response, If I am skiing and run across a problem, I get much more respect because usually someone in the group recognizes me and persuades the rest to listen.

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One thing that irks me - skiers STANDING in the way looking at the trail map or discussing where they're going to go or whatever, unfortuantely I've had even more run ins with that kind of skier than with boarders. However sitting boarders are still a problem.
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skier_i patrols at my home area, I can firmly attest that they are extremely cool about letting all the good, and responsable skiers and riders build huge jumps wherever they want, but they don't and shouldn't take BS from any of the punks. Bousquet ROCKS!

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