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Some thoughts about K-ton/Powdr following my week there.

Many have posted that K-ton got a lot of natural snow this year and upon arrival last Sunday, there was more natural snow than I remember seeing this late in the year. In discussions with people who skied Sunday, they stated conditions were great. Last week was another example of the relationship between skiing and the weather. Warm on Monday. Rain on Tuesday morning and much of Wednesday, skied all day both days. Warm sunny days following. Spring skiing in the sun, hard frozen granular out of the sun. It's premature to judge Powder on this year's skiing due to all the natural snow. That's not a knock on them, they did a good job of grooming following the rain.

On Monday morning, the lines to get pre-bought tickets was short and the area was mostly emply. Clearly, there were many British and French Canadians thanks to our declining dollar. I could'nt help contrast the first week in March K-ton emptyness compared to the the western resorts which are overflowing this week. This is the second year in a row where my group had a ski week spoiled with warm weather in early March.

I tried to engage locals to determine what they think about Powdr's first year. Tuesday was election week in Vermont, and the town of Killinton passed a 1% sales tax with the cash funding initiatives to restore the community to resort status. The local papers indicate skier days and out of season visits have been declining for several years, so, Powdr does not get all the blame if this years numbers are down. SP Land/Powdr opposed the tax and was in negotiations with the community to make a single lump sum payment, but, wanted control over how the money was spent. There is not shortage of local opinions.

The most common concern that I heard was that Killington area, both the mountain and the supporting area businesses, depended on high volume of skiers. The SP Land/Powdr team is focused on increasing their market share of dollars that come to Killington, and that isolates the existing business community. Short term, skier day decline hurts the local economy and business owners want mountain management to return to lift ticket pricing policies more attractive to daily skiers. Long term, if K-ton builds as planned, then the need for off mountain services declines.

It's clear that Killington Township is a one business community. Is a win-win solution out there?

PS - Would I return for a ski week. Yes.
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Originally Posted by Living Proof View Post
PS - Would I return for a ski week. Yes.
There are other places you know. Mad River Valley and Stowe. Killington is the most overated place in the East. But it is also the only game in town for many, especially if skiing isn't the priority.

I hear Powdr's days are numbered at K-ton. I think they suck.
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Even with the increase in Season Pass prices at kmart they are still seriously below market value so I assume still higher prices are not too far in the future.
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Wouldn't be surprised. Cost are rising and Killington is a high overhead mountain. They will need to raise prices and make cut backs similar to what they did this year.

I don't think Powdr is having fun with this Killington investment.
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Mogul challenge weekend has been ruined by powder!! But they have managed the mountain well. I wish they had the canyon quad open all week as well as needles eye lift. Also they should stay open as long as the snow is there!!
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Well we'll soon see about the pass prices - 08/09 pass prices get announced next week. If they follow last years pattern, buy early as prices will probably jump damatically after the spring early bird period ends.

Oh ski=free, they have been running the Canyon and Needles Eye lifts each day this week. Could be because of the Canadian holiday crowds.
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