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Tell me about Schweitzer ...

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This is a good season for me in terms of most days on the hill. While two trips have netted me a measly 11 days on the hill, that's the most I've logged in for a while.

I'm looking to get to either Montana or Colorado in mid-late March and if Montana works out, I thought to get in some turns at Schweitzer. Schweitzer's location is good for me as it's right out of Spokane, and I've good lodging choices via a timeshare ... I just don't know much about the hill. For me, I'm a level 6-7 skier always wanting to progress. I love cruisers, trees and the knee deep stuff. I've read several write-ups on the place, but want to get the perspective from some local Bears on things like:
  • Is the pitch fairly consistent from top to bottom, quality of grooming
  • Is fog an issue
  • Is it crowded
  • Would I get bored after skiing there for a week
  • Restaurants, the local area, etc
Thanks in advance for the feedback
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Can't comment on Schweitzer other than it should be sort of a twin to Big Mountain, conditions-wise. They have snowghosts, so I would assume that means they have fog.

I doubt you'll find any knee deep stuff in late March. At least here, while our base in really deep, it's the top six inches you ski on and we're currently in a big of a snow lull after WEEKS of snow practically every day. So, give us warm temps and you've got spring conditions -- hard groomers in the AM, slush in the PM and the tree skiing is no longer something you want to do unless you like frozen ruts since it doesn't seem to warm up over the course of the day.

We need some more snow to freshen things up in those top six inches.
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Thanks Si ... I've been to Big Mtn a couple of times, so if Schweitzer has the "feel" of Big Mtn, I'll sorta know know what to expect as far as the grooming, trails, etc and the locale.

I'm always looking out for another place to get in some turns ... the wife says the only thing I think about when I'm not skiing is when I can go again
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Schweitzer does remind me of a smaller version of Big Mtn. Fog is a problem (one local told me schweitzer was german for fog...), and of the 3-4 times I've skied there I've never had good visibility. Still, plenty of fun to ski.
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You'll find plenty of terrain to keep you interested at Schweitzer.
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