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Dynastar Legend or Mythic Rider?

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I’m trying to choose between these two skis and would be interested in other people’s opinions and experiences.

51, still fairly athletic
5’7” 185 Lbs
Level 7-8
Ski 20-25 days a year, mostly in the Northeast
Although definitely not where I spend most of the day, I will usually ski some bumps and even trees if the opportunity presents itself and I’m feeling sufficiently adventurous.

My present skis are race carvers (03-04 Atomic SX9), and while I love them, I’m tired of getting my butt kicked in Spring snow and powder. It’s not that I can’t ski these conditions (I actually ski them quite well), I’m just working way too hard. That’s why I’m looking for a wider second ski.

Given the number of days I ski, my initial thought was that this would be 5 or 6 day a year ski, but after trying these two skis, they’re much more versatile than I would have expected (this is particularly true for the Mythic Rider – I never expected something that widennto be so quick or good on the groomed) and I could easily see myself using either one half the time.

Based on my demo experiences, the Legend is quicker, much better suited to short turns on the groomed, and handled hardpack well. It did however, seem to have a speed limit.

The Mythic Rider seemed like a beefier ski (if there is a speed limit, it’s beyond me), had better float, and was just OK on hardpack, though in fairness it might perform better with sharper edges (I demoed this ski in Utah where their definition of sharp is not quite what I’m used to). They made a any kind of turn I wanted, though short turns were not effortless.

Both skis were a vast improvement over my current skis in any kind of soft snow with depth. I’m a competent (not great) bump skier, but both skis seemed equally workable in the bumps.

Based on these aobservations, which would you choose?
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I think your impressions are very accurate and the compromises apparent for each ski seem to be very clear to you. Despite what the advertising says, everything compromises somewhere. You just have to pick the compromises that fit your own needs the best.

I have owned both within the last two years and ski both regularly (currently own the MR) For me, as a western guy, the MR is the "middle ski" in my three ski quiver. If I were an eastie, I might choose the 8K.

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I agree w/ Sierra Jim...if you're out East, go 8000. I personally had a similar predicament...I was torn over the 8000 and the narrower legend 4800...
I LOVE the 8000, but am now switching to the 4800 only because I spend more time in bumps and trees (and I'm in Colorado). But the 8000 would have been a perfect do everything ski, but I'd rather go narrower for the bumps/trees.

If you're worried about the speed limit w/ the 8000, choose longer for more stability, but it'll still have a shorter turn radius than the Mythic.

In your case, ask yourself where will you spend the Majority of your time....on or off piste? (and the fact that you're out East...I'd go 8000...4800 personally, but of the two, 8000 is an AWESOME ski, It'll pretty much do everything from moguls to powder well (not exceptional, but really well). Good luck in your decision...

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I have the 8k's for the Ice Coast, and 8800's for the West. (I also keep some Contact 10's around when the boilerplate is thick).

If it's primarily East go 8k.
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Assuming by "legend" you mean the 8000 and not the 4800 or pro. I think the 8000 is an extremely versatile ski that handles most every condition well. If this is to be a ski that you will use everyday I'd say the 8000 for the east coast. I do, however, think that the Mythic is a phenomenal Western everyday ski
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Thanks everyone for your advice - I think I'll go with the Legend.

One more question: Is there any significant difference between this year's and last year's model?
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It's essentially been the same for the past 3 years.
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I recently picked up a pair of last year's Legend 8000s to replace my old Rossi Bandits to serve as my soft snow ski. My other skis for typical eastern conditions are Fischer RX8s. I am just finishing up 3 weeks in Colorado with the 8000s, and have found them to be very versatile. I've used them in everything from 8-10 inches of powder in the Breck bowls to bumps to hardpack goomers. A great all-around ski for western conditions (and the occasional eastern powder day).
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There is indeed a difference in this season's 8000. It is a bit wider at the tip and tail thus yielding a bit more sidecut. I asked the same question in an earlier thread and all I can tell you is that my demo experience on the new one was very nice.
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As mentioned, the '08 has a bit more sidecut and a new mounting rail that delivers a slightly flatter stance. While not dramatically different, the new version feels more balanced. This ski is the same for next year (graphic change) and compared to the '09 skis in the same category, the 8K is still as good as anything.

The wood metal layup is the same.

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