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Thread Starter pics. I need a new battery for my old Sony digicam.

Drove through spitting snow and arrived at 8:15. We were on one of the first gondolas. It was still pretty socked in at the bottom but we could see some peeks of blue sky. As we topped about 2,500 feet, we broke out of the clouds and the summit of Whiteface was in brilliant sunshine. Not a breath of wind. Is this really Iceface? We beat feet for the summit quad and were 8th up. Skyward had about 4 inches of manmade on it that hadn't been groomed. Unfortunately, the snowmakers were a little stingy with the air and the snow was crusty, wet and grabby. Not complaining, it was not the least bit icy, but it looked a lot better than it was. By the end of the day, the manamde had been churned up and the resulting moguls were gloriously soft.

Cloudspin was also pretty nice, surprisingly skiable without any manmade on the upper part. The lower half was great with perfect manmade snow everywhere. Again the moguls started building by the end of the day and were great.

We made a couple of runs in High Country Glades, but it was pretty gnarly under about 3 inches of fluff. There's still not a lot of snow in spots that don't have fact the natural snow trails on Little Whiteface were closed due to thin cover.

It was crowded at all of the low intermediate trail junctions and the very bottom of the mountain was a circus, but up high, we never waited more than a minute. We did most of our skiing off of the summit chair and the Little Whiteface chair. A great day. I have yet to have a bad day at Whiteface