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new Falcon with heat-moldable shell?

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Has anyone heard about a new for 2008/09 Salomon Falcon boot with a heat-moldable shell? It will be moldable to the shape of your forefoot? I was going to buy new boots this Spring, but may wait if this is true.
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it's true! I got a pair about 3 weeks ago and it's pretty unique. Simply put, you heat the shell and you can actually mold the shell to your foot without having to do as much grinding and punching as you would on a traditional shell. I've only got a couple of days on mine but have been happy. I've been in the Falcon Race and the new Falcon Pro CS is the same last, the same flex just the new shell. Salomon will also have this technology in a couple of other boots.

An aquaintance of mine who has really bad feet was also able to score a pair and is in love with them. He generally has to do months of shaping before he can ski a boot due to a rather odd foot shape. He had them molded and skied them that day. Other than adding his footbed he did nothing else and swears they're the greatest boot ever made
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Thanks. Sounds interesting. Does the boot have the same forward lean as in the current Falcon series?
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same shape as the current falcon (width and F lean) but mold able patches on the sides of the forefoot.

It really doesn't do much that a good boot fitter can't do, but can make general width faster. It will not be reversible. it will not work for a large bunion (just general width). it doesn't extend over the instep (not good for making instep room). Should work for people with a med/wide, but low volume foot, that don't have time to see a boot fitter, or for stores that dont have the tools/skills to do the work.

Don't get me wrong, I think that it is a good idea, but solves a problem that doesn't really exist for a lot of shops or boot fitters.
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I would like to ask one more question in this old thread.


Today I have visited one of bootfitters and he told me that the idea of heating complete shell in oven such as Sidas and then put the feet in liner inside works for almost every modern boot including plugs such as Lange, Atomic, etc. And such method works very well in case if there is no big troubles with feet.


Is there any known/hidden troubles with such approach?

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works great if the tech has some experiance doing it

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