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Hi all,

I'm coming over to Telluride in three weeks from the UK. All very exciting as it is my first trip to Colorado.

We will be heading over to Ouray on none skiing days, so we will need to rent a car. The Telluride website advises anyone travelling from Montrose to Telluride to hire a S.U.V. - Is this necessary in March, or will a front wheel drive car do?

If I am likely to find snow - what's automatic transmition like when driving in snow? I've driven in snow a lot, but always with a manual 'box.

Thanks for any advice offered.
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If you fly into Montrose there are shuttles back and forth to Telluride, and a car is completely useless (and actually a nusiance) once you are there. Not sure why you are going to Ouray (ice climbing park, hot springs?), but you may want to check into a shuttle, cab, or rental car by the day from Telluride to Ouray. It would be very expensive to rent a car for an entire week when you really only need a ride to Ouray. If you are going to hit the hot springs in Ouray you may also want to check out Orivis, which is a small hot springs in Ridgeway where you can get private pools. It's between T-ride and Ouray.

If you do rent a car you can easily get along with an automatic transmissioin front-wheel drive for all the driving you would be doing, unless you hit a huge freak storm. In March the high altitude sunshine melts the roads clean very quickly after it snows. I just drove over three 11,000 ft. passes and then from Ouray to Telluride yesterday in a front-wheel drive automatic with no problems.

Telluride is having an epic snow year, so you should have some great skiing. In March it starts to go through a daily melt/freeze cycle if it's sunny, so you can sleep in, and then follow the sun around the mountain, but that is also historically a big snow month, so if it dumps you've got to get out there early to beat the locals if you want untracked. Enjoy!
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Thanks for the helpfull advice.

Yes, you guessed right, we are going to be dividing our time between skiing and ice climbing.

Even more excited now!
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if you do rent, and depending on you skiing abilities, you might wish to check out http://www.silvertonmountain.com/

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Hmm, my girlfriend learnt to ski in January. I think I might end up in deep trouble if I suggest to her that we go there!

Looks great though, maybe next time.
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