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I'm a 6'0" 155 lb intermediate/advanced skier looking to trade in my old Salomon Axendo 195 skis finally.

I ski only in the Northeast maybe 5-10 times a year and ski the whole mountain prefering to spend time in the trees and carving down groomed blacks.

I'm looking for a versatile ski that I can use on the whole mountain. The other catch is I do skijoring competitions about 5 times druing the year also. For those that do not not know about skijoring. It is where you are pulled by a horse down a flat course where you have to ski slalom cones and over 4-6' jumps. Check out NESJA if you are more curious, it is an absolute blast.

I've been looking at the Volkl Supersport 5 (168 or 175), and Nordica GranSport 12 (170), as I've found some deals on the 2007 models.

Would either of these skis be good for all-mountain riding and still not be totally out of place on the skijoring race course? Or any other recommendations for me to look at?

Thanks for any input!