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Ski Goggle Color

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What is the best ski goggle tint to get for day skiing and is it different then night skiing?
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I would suggest getting the lightest tint available - especially for eastern skiing where the number of sunny days are limited. From checking the stores, most goggles with only one lens now have an orange tint, so your choice is mostly how dark the orange tint is. It is in flat light conditions that the lightness of the tint is most critical to see variations in the terrain, and I find a lighter tint works best for my eyes in flat light conditions.

The best tint for night skiing is yellow, but lately, I have only seen expensive goggles that come with two sets of lens with a yellow one.

One suggestion - in flat light, ski close to the trees. Trees tend to reduce the amount of light hitting the snow at low oblique angles, which causes the loss of definition in the terrain.
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The best tint for night skiing is yellow, but lately, I have only seen expensive goggles that come with two sets of lens with a yellow one.
I've seen other people suggest clear for night skiing. If the lighting is good enough, yellow or a lightly tinted orange should give better contrast.

I like orange/amber myself, and that's definitely the most common color. Works great in bright sunlight and even on most overcast days, although it is not the best when the light gets really flat.
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Most hills face to the north and get less direct winter sunlight here in the NE though there are a few like Mt. Snow.

Take a look at Yahoo Sports ski racing; shots from the last few days, and you will see WC racers in a variety of light tints so there is no absolute on what is best, it's what is best for you.

For most days, I go for a light grey and for overcast and night skiing, clear.

IMHO, yellow for night skiing is a myth.

What ever you get is should be polarized. I've stayed on my feet a few times while others with me have crashed due to flat light when I was wearing clear and they had tints ..... I saw it coming and they didn't.
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Clear lenses work best for me when night skiing. The yellow and rose lenses simply did not offer enough depth perception. Any one else prefer clear at night?
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is it possible to get polarized clear lenses?
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Smith RC 36 is a very good general lens.
For night have always used clear.
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I like Smith's Sesnor mirro in all conditions. lets in 70% of the light vs. RC 36 at 36%. The Rc36 is Too dark for me going into shadows and in flat/overcast condtions.

Sesor Mirror is excellent for flat and overcast and surprisingly good on bright sunny days too.

Hands down clear for night!!!!
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Originally Posted by SureValla View Post
is it possible to get polarized clear lenses?
Technically possible, yes (these are frequently used in camera lenses/filters).

I'm not aware of any clear, polarized ski goggles, though. I don't know that they would do much at night. In really bright conditions they would let in a lot of light.
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