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Monoski Bindings

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Does anyone out there use anything other than Saloman bindings with a monoski? I"ve used S920's for years but I've broken 2 in the last 12 months, the toe piece ripped off both times. I've also heard Saloman has stopped producing them because they don't make any money on race equipment since nobody pays full price for it.
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Rossi Race Bindings

Has anyone out there ever monoskied on Rossi Race Bindings? They have a long lever on the back and virtually the whole heal piece moves to release the boot. I've been able to get a pair for free with the promise of many more if I can make them work for me. It seems like I might have to grind down some of the plastic block that is my foot. The heal of the Rossi's is narrower than the heal of a Saloman. It looks like I'll be able to lock down the heal by sliding a cotter pin or some other piece of metal in just the right place. I'll worry about that when I get the foot to fit right.

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Hey partner. Check out the bindings they use on the snowshark website. Marker comp 16 with an adjustable ate
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Marker also makes a 30 DIN comp that I've seen used before
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 You guys don't pin the bindings so they don't release?  I have a old salomon 744 and a newer 711 and both are modified and pinned so that they never release when the pin is in.  I've had skis released and it's a pain to get back on the ski.
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You can still score them (salomons) off of eBay for pretty decent prices then you won't care as much when they break. Be sure to regularly check the toe piece to be sure it is not loose since when you get movement in there it can develop more energy to rip it apart. I am still a firm believer in salomons with the spring removed and a solid metal pipe in there to disable the release.

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920---916. same binding different spring. metal binding.  you take the spring out and add a piece of cut off ski pole and a pinned block in rear that can either be made or buy from Yetti. He has bindings . If your not over weight and not so agressive I have used any 14 din binding maxed out. I have a friend that has a new pair of 916 that he might sell if someone wants. 603-745 3679

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There's a set of Salomon S920's for around 100.00 on tetongravity.com right now.  The posting is by Altaholic on 10/09/2010.  This is a killer deal and the S920's are great for the mono-ski.

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