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Upgrade from Rossi B2 ?

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I am currently skiing 2004 Rossi B2's in the 170 cm size ... I generally like a relatively damp ski, but am considering a slightly more lively (and stable at speed) ski, yet still forgiving. (About 2 seasons ago, I owned some Volkl 6 Stars which kept shooting me into the back seat - granted, I am a much stronger skier now, but I still don't want that stiff of a ski). I ski mostly bumps and the backside of the mountain here in Colorado, primarily Copper and Mary Jane about 30 days per year. I am 34 years old, 5'8" 170 lbs and athletic - a moderately aggressive type 8+ skier (maybe a 9 on my good days). So, do you all have some suggestions for demo skis? Thanks in advance!

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I would go up to a Fischer Watea 94 in a 178cm size, also try a Atomic Nomad Crimson.

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Check out the Scott Mission, Head Mojo 90, Dtnastar Mythic rider, Atomic Snoop or Volkl Bridge for 'moderately wide-ish' skis. Try the Rossi B83 or Dynastar Legend 8000 for quicker 'fun in the bumps' skis.
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I second the Head 90. I will also, as always, add the K2 PE to the list. It is my favorite ski in that width. It's damp, yet has enough pop to make it a fun ski, perfect for bumps and soft snow.
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Thanks for the recommendations, guys! (And, yes, I know I accidentally posted this under reviews, not gear discussion ... sorry!) Anyway, I ski Apache Outlaws as my "wider" ski ... I enjoy this ski on powder days, especially when the crud starts to form, as it seems to power through it all. I am actually looking for skis in the mid-70ish range. I am definitely interested in demoing the Legend 8000, though. I loved the 8800 I demoed last year (had tried to buy this, but the company sent me the 158 "by accident", instead of the 178 I had ordered - they ended up being out of stock, so I bought the Outlaws. A little heavy, but I love 'em!) ... SO, that being said, would Monster 72 or 77's be too much ski ? I know, I will get out and demo, but further suggestions would be greatly appreciated for the days at Mary Jane! Thanks again!!!!

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Hey Brian,
Looking for a ski for Mary Jane huh. I skied the B2 2 years ago, thought it was great. Skied a Dynastar 4800 last year when I was skiing there. That ski does well in zipping through the bumps but was a bit underpowered/too skinny when I got out out of the bumps. I've been on the Recon this year. I took a pair out one day not expecting too much but it really skis the bumps well. As a bonus it skis the whole mtn great if you want to get more into the trees and hidden spots. You may want to mix it up though if you also have some Outlaws.
I haven't skied the others that others recommended but they're probably great skis as well.

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You might want to try the Salomon X wing Tornado's ..pretty lively ski and light. Didnt get to test them in bumps unfortunately, the tip is a bit too wide for me tho, it is an extreme side cut ski-75 waist 124 tip. I was happy to get back on my Rossi World Cup Slaloms.

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