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New Home in the Mountains!

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Ok Bears Look Like I'll have a new home just outside Park City on the way to Salt Lake City in the little Community of Summit Park. It will be about a 30to40 min drive to Snowbird/Alta about 10 min to Park City resorts less to the Canyons. In fact if you were into backcountry skiing, you could skin up to the backside of the Canyons from this place. I've done the hike in the Summer. So maybe I'll just have to get that AT set up this comeing season. My soon to be ex is buying me out of this place in Park City and I'll be buying my new place soon. I'm really looking forward to this. I can't wait to start my new life. So why should you care? Well I'll have an Apt to Rent. Special concideration to fellow Bears of course. It is vary private lower level unit. One bedroom new bathroom, small Kitchen. Your own deck or patio, lots of trees and a Moose that I have been told hangs out in the Winter. I mean how many places can offer a Moose at no extra cost? nice views to the East there is also an outdoor hottube. If all goes well I should be in by Aug and Apt should be ready by ski season.
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Originally posted by Utah49:
I mean how many places can offer a Moose at no extra cost?
Ummmmm, Jackson Hole? (Even if it is a Mangy one.) [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]

Seriously, sounds like a home base.
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Moose Steaks with Port Wine and Balsamic reduction

Measure Ingredients Prepare Substitute
4 Moose steaks 6 to 8 ounces each
4 Bacon strips Blanched
Season with: Thyme
Greek oregano
Salt and pepper To taste
2 tablespoon Butter clarified
1 tsp Garlic Chopped
1 tablespoon Shallot Chopped
1 cup Beef Stock
3 ΒΌ cup Port wine
1 cup Balsamic vinegar
1 Fresh thyme sprig
1 Bay leaf
1 Summer savory sprig
2 Parsley stems
2 Garlic cloves Crushed
12 Whole pepper corns
1/3 cup Dehydrated cherries

To make Balsamic Reduction: In stainless steel sauce pan add 3 cups port wine, 1 cup balsamic vinegar, sprig of thyme, sprig of summer savory, bay leaf, garlic cloves, pepper corns and dehydrated cherries. Reduce over low heat until syrup consistency.

Wrap moose steaks with bacon and pin with tooth pick and season with thyme, oregano, salt and pepper. Sear steaks in 1 tablespoon clarified butter on high heat for two to three minutes on a side, and hold in a warm oven. In the same pan over medium heat add 1 tablespoon clarified butter, 1 tsp. garlic and 1 tablespoon shallots. De-glaze with 1/4 cup port wine and beef stock. Reduce liquid volume by half and add the balsamic and port wine reduction. Salt and pepper to taste. Finish the sauce by whisking in a tablespoon of chilled butter. Top steaks with the sauce.

Serves 4
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LOL Alta, That reminds me of a time when i was living in Ca. My roomates father owned a ranch in Montana. He shoot a Moose one season and we got about 200 lbs of Moose meat. Some was gound meat. So we thought we would have a Big Party. We invited every girl we could think of and a few we didn't know at all. so there was some tenderized Moose steaks, our other roomate was italian so he made a Pasta with meatballs made from the Ground Moosemeat. Well There we are have a great time. One of the Girls ask what was in the meatballs, they were so good. Well Rich 1/2 drunk said they were MooseBalls. She turned white as a sheet and ran to the bathroom to gage herself. Rich ran after her but was to drunk to get the words out right that the meatballs were made from Moosemeat and not some poor Mooses Balls! How many Balls did she think a Moose had anyway? Needless to say she was never seen at another one of our Parties.
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You got a pair of emergency crutches in that apartment?
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Sorry to hear about your marriage.
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James I do have a spare set of crutches down in the Garage. I'll make sure I take them when I move. Thanks miles, It was something that was coming for a long time. At this point I'm looking forward to getting on with a new life.
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Forget Moose and Squirrel, Boris!

Utah49--it's going around, and life will only get BETTER!

Good on ya! : : :
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Good Luck Utah49. It all works out in the end. Just divy up the spoils, move to a place of YOUR choice and get amongst it on your OWN schedule.

Is it a girl moose ?

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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