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Are B78's the right ski for me?

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Basic stats:
Expert skier. I ski mainly at Whistler and some in Tahoe, about 30-35 days per season. most enjoy moguls and steeps- West bowl, Harvey's Trees, Spanky's, skiing the lift line on 7th Heaven (for those of you familiar with Whistler-Blackcomb), and I do ski fast when on groomers getting form here to there, but I'd give up high speed stability for responsiveness in bumps and trees.

I currently ski B2s from about 4 or 5 years ago.

I've demoed a bunch of skis this season: K2 Lotta Loves, Tierra's, Salomon Tornados, B83s, Head Monsters (hated those), can't remember what else. Skied the B78s (158) this afternoon and found them very familiar--just like my old B2's but with more spring) and I'm tempted to get them cause I'm sick of spending time in the demo shop rather than on the hill.

I'm 5'3" and 117lbs, so although I can ski any terrain on the mountain and do, I'm lighter and smaller than most people whose posts I've read here, so after reading a lot of posts, I felt I needed to ask about skis more specifically for someone of my size and skier type.

Any input would be most appreciated.
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If you liked them and they felt comfortable why are you asking us you already know the answer.
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WHy I'm asking

I guess I'm asking because I don't buy new skis very often and I want to make sure I get the best ones I can. So I am wondering if, given the kind of skiing I do and my size, is there something else I should try before lay down the cash for these.

The other reason I'm asking is because the B78s seem to have been somewhat dismissed in other postings, but they were all for people much larger than myself, so I was wondering if that might be the reason that I seem to have liked them, whereas other posters weren't as crazy about them.

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If you're looking for a ski that is similar to your current skis then yea, get them if they feel good.

If you're looking for something different, then there are tons of great choices out there.
Do you have a desire to explore some more women specific skis or are you thinking more of the unisex range?

Some Awesome stuff out there to try!
My pics in the quiver are the Nordica Olympia Firefox, on piste, and Blizzard Titan Cronus (midfat for crud and powder and bumps) BlueHouse (94 waist) for float and trees.

The ski most women have been getting a lot of grins from is the Volkl Aura Take a look!!!
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Sounds like the Bandits are a good match to your weight, ability and preference. I wouldn't get turned off by the comments on here about them if you like them. As you noted, many here are much heavier than you. I recently replaced my old Bandit X's with a pair of Dynastar Legend 8000's. A very similar feel to the Rossi's (both french made) but with more float (81mm waist) and better grip. Worth considering.
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