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Izor Ti's?

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Yeah, my mom got some new Atomic Izor Ti's to replace her old Atomic 8:20s (i think that's the model...). We bought em because they are 180 bucks on www.skiersoutlet.com, but my dad is trying to find out where the Izor Ti lies on the 06/07 Izor line, since it wasn't on the Atomic website last year, and there arn't any reviews for it.

EDIT: Damn it, just realized I posted in the member gear review section instead of the ski gear discussion. Well, if a mod/admin ever sees this, please move it to ski gear discussion.
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I have a pair of the Izor Ti's. Cant help you out on where they lie on the product line however they are fantastic skis. The grip is amazing and at high speed they are smooth as silk. Great Skis!!!
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