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RK Heliskiing Feb 18/19/20

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I just got back from a 3 day trip at RK Heli in British Columbia and if you have never gone you owe your self a trip. 3 days and 18 runs and not a bad run in the bunch, we had extra runs on day 1 and 3, limited by not enough in the group wanting to, having the money or the legs. Sunshine and powder all 3 days and every day was spent up on their glaciers having a blast. The top on the runs had some wind effects, pretty hard wind packed snow, ski's hardly left a mark, but as we changed pitches the snow turned fluffy. The morning runs were mainly in the sun so the first 1-2 were a mix of soft or spring like snow then by 11-11:30 we went to north facing and in the shade and :::: fluff to the knees was in order. Full breakfast and lunch included and I started turning down food, just way too much to eat. Lunch was on a glacier in the sun and sunscreen was a must. bake bake bake:::. Day 3, MacBeth Glacier on a run called "JAM", snow rating was a 2-3 on a 1- 10 scale, view was a 15+ Glacier was maybe 5-6 miles wide at top, almost like a frozen lake at 10,000 ft with a run back to the north, 2 groups of 5 joined up so 1 guide could ski ahead and check things out, we were the first group to ski it this year and maybe the last, conditions just are not ideal very often, last 3 pitches, skiing snow bridges and back and forth over around crevasse's with a cliff behind us and a glacier coming over the top..::.
On day 2/3 we received a upgrade to their A Star heli and dropped from a group of 10 to 5 (brother and I then strangers to fill out). Every person we met was outstanding and from they are from all over the globe, very few from the states, in fact I have yet to fly with any other US citizen after my 10 + days there. The pic below is from day 2 on the Cauldron Glacier, 5 runs like this and we have a pic from the air that has almost 200 + turns, 3 sets of "8" side by side. My brother is a camera nut, over 2000 pics taken and as he edits I will post a few more. The tracks to the left are from our guide Cryil and my brother, I'm skiing and a guy from Sydney is just starting his run at the top.

Make your plans, save your cash...you will not regret it.

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While at Panorama a few weeks ago we would hear (loud) then see the heli coming down to land. And boy did I wish I was on it!!!!!!!!! And I think we where the ONLY New Yorkers there. People where stunned when they found out where we where from.
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They make a point to fly over the lifts every morning and afternoon as they pick up and drop off skiers......its funny to look out the heli and see every face on the lifts and runs looking up and wishing they were flying as well.

I'm sure they get a little more business that way ::
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Cool times indeed. Gald it was great!

I've done RK 3 times during the last 8 years. It was a blast each time. The exchange rate US/CAN use to be great so we took advantage of it then.
I was just at Panorama couple weeks ago but no Heli Skiing this time around. Pano pic's are here http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=66388

Here are some pic's from RK trips in the past.

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Outstanding pics...never a bad view with RK

Here are the rest of mine, way too many to post here, 500+ and counting. Go to find photos, click on RK #1 #2 #3

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skinning or flying for backcountry pow gives you a new perspective of lift riding 'pow'.

Not quite the same
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