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Looking for a new ski

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I currently own 3 pair of skiis
Atomic GS9 160 feels like it might be too much of a ski.
Atomic Metro 9 157 ski this the most but I feel it might not be the right ski for me
Fischer RX4 160 barely ski this as its a beginner ski

Looking to maybe sell what I have to have one or two good pairs.

5'11" 158lbs level 6 - 7 skiier.

Any suggestions on skiis especially which length would be ideal? mostly ski on the East Coast.
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I'm 5'9" ski east coast only and 170 lbs

I just bought a pair of elan speedwave 14 because I love speed and quick turns

others I was considering as east coast skis before I got the SW are

k2 crossfire
Elan Speedwave 12
volkl tigershark
elan magfire 10

I went with a 168 in my SW 14, your basically my height and close enough to my skiing level that youd probably do fine with a 168 too
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