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1st boots how high to aim

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hi everyone, i have been lurking around these forums for quite a while and got lots of information.

i started looking here as i wanted to buy skis, but after reading for a while i came to a conclusion that i don't know yet what skis are for me.

so i think i should start with the pair of boots, and demo different skis afterwards.

i am decent skier but without much experience or training (4-5 years skiing 5-10 times a year) i do most blacks comfortably here in northern california / nevada, but i dont usually do moguls or lots of bumps and tend not to go too fast.

anyways i live in san francisco and i did not see any recommended bootfiters very close (there is someone in sacramento i think).

i know there is few shops that offer custom fit boots so i think i will try one of them.

anyways to make this shorter i would like some advice on what boots should i look for, does more expensive is alway better or can i get something for decent price and still perform well for my ability ?

basically just looking for a few pointers towards models and price ranges

thank you
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look for a shop that asks a lot of questions first and shows you boots second.
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Fit and alignment in boots are critical. You'd much rather have a intermediate boot that fits perfectly and is aligned right than an ill fitting top of the line boot that is misaligned.
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thank you for the replies, i ended up going to few places and trying out bunch of different boots. salomons and technicas were too tight and were hurting upper part of the foot and nordica and lang were much beter. after trying 5-6 models we got too finalists nordica speedmachine 8 and lang worldcup after another hour of trying and adjusting nordicas were the winner with aftermarket insole and heat molded. so i got that, the price was not too bad as well as it was red colored last years model on sale. the place i went was mountain west in sf and the service was great. but i will know for sure next week after i come back from the slopes

thanks again
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