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Help me help a friend

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Hey Everyone, I need some help for a set of skis for a buddy. I realize that he's going to need a demo day to make a final decision, but I want to narrow down his list. He's 5'9" about 170, good athlete, been skiing about 3 years mostly at Sugarloaf, Stratton VT, and some smaller NH mountains. He's looking to upgrade his equipment to more of a freeride style ski. He doesn't ski a lot of moguls or park, but wants something that could handle a trip out West for some pow and still be able to move well on a groomer. I just picked up some Enforcers, but I think they may be a little too much ski for his style. He will probably buy a leftover pair from this year over the summer. Can you give me a few different makes & models to look over? I have a list in my head, but I am 6'4" 230 and ski much more aggressively so I may put him in something that's over his head. Sorry for the rambling, but I'm trying to give everyone enough info to work with. THANKS!!!!!
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Atomic Nomads.
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