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Anyone skied Plattekill?

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I have not been to Plattekill since I started re-skiing 4 years ago. At that time everything seemed big and steep. Not so anymore.

Can someone tell me how Plattekill compares steepness and condition-wise to Hunter? I am using Hunter because i am most familiar with it.

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Plattekill has no run out. Blockbuster trail is maybe high 30s to low 40s degrees steep. Its not Tower 3 or Alta 2 steep at JH or lower K27 steep at Hunter but Bockbuster is pretty steep. Generally speaking out of the Catskills big four ski areas (Belleayre, Hunter, Plattekill, and Windham) only Hunter is steeper than Plattekill.

The thing about Plattekill is there are not very many people on the ski trails. If you get a new snow dump you can catch fresh tracks all day Saturday and Sunday.

There is some nice dry powder coming down today. There is about 3 inches of new powder here in West Hurley, NY (near Woodstock). Outside temp is 30 degrees at noon time. I think Plattekill may be a good bet for tomorrow. Get there early. I am sure there is someone climbing up to the top of Plattekill right now as I type this. :

BTW Sunday Feb 24th is $25 for the first 200 skiers to purchase a day ticket. You can buy a ticket online right now.
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When there's snow, its my favorite place in the Catskills since no one goes there. catskills description and comparison to Hunter's terrain is spot on in my opinion.
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I ski without problems (except this past Tuesday) Minya Tonka, Hellgate, Lower crossover, Heuga Express at Hunter, as well as any blue trail they have. Will I have enought terrain to ski at Plattekill or will I be limited because it's too steep?

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Hahahaha I scared you did I. Nah there are plenty of trails at Plattkill to ski that have similar steepness to the trails you mentioned. Actually Plattekill has a very nice easy blue trail off the top that wraps around, which can be great for novice skiiers. Again the nice thing about Plattkill is there are no flat spots because the mountain doesn't have any run out. If you like skiing flat spots don't go to Plattekill
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Originally Posted by catskills View Post
If you like skiing flat spots don't go to Plattekill
I disagree. There is always the tow rope.
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