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Whistler Spoiler

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Lemme just say, this race really sucked. Good run by the winner, Christoph Gruber, and Hannes Reichelt skied quite well too. Nice going for Ales Gorza getting on the podium, but this was one of those races that makes you go, "eh". You start wondering why you bother following the sport.
  • Bode looked awful right from the start. And also appeared to pull something right before he skied off. Not a good day at the office.
  • Cuche, with a chance to recoup big points, looked out of gas.
  • Raich at this point looks like a skier who's trained too much in all the disciplines to do particularly well in any of them. He's got that Lasse Kjus finish-every-race-in-the-top-10 thing going. Eh.
  • Herman Maier looks like a spent force, very wooden. Surprising to see such poor movement from him in Super G.
  • Steve Nyman appears to have regressed since last year. What's going on with him? Ditto for Italy's Peter Fill, to me one of the real disappointments of this season. He looks lost.
  • I also expected more this year from Eric Guay. He reminds me of Ligety, lots of talent and natural speed, but always appears to make that one fatal mistake that keeps him from winning. The guy can really ski.
  • Nice day for Fischer, sweeping the podium. With Salomon and Volkl fading from the scene and Head stepping up, we're right back to Austrian dominance in skis. Only one skier in the top ten on non-Austrian skis (Rossignol).
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Yeah.. Not the most interesting course either. Too bad it will be the same course for the olympics. I guess the womens course looks a bit better.
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