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I wonder if going to Plattekill on 2/20 was a bad decision because there was hardly anything opened. The voices here always said to avoid Plattekill if there is no snow. Maybe I should have listened.

On this day, there were a total of 9 trails open with only 2 being black (The face and North Face) even though their phone and radio report claimed 16/17 (even on the next day -- damn liars). All trails were groomers with chewed up ice with a cover of powder from the day before. There was nothing else that reassembles what Plattekill is known for. I have to say the 2-hour drive started out as a bit of an appointment, especially as an introduction to the ski area.

Albeit the condition, here are the positives:
- the grooming was beautifully done (except for the sink hole I hit) and the snow was fast. The groomers held up pretty well throughout the day.
- the sun was out for the better part of the day. Even though temps were at around 15-20 degF, it felt a lot warmer than it really was. It never got warm enough to turn into mashed potato.
- there was no crowd there; by no crowd I mean no line longer than one chair in front of us all day and less than 20 cars in the park lot when we got there (around 11am).
- very friendly people all-in-all including the patrons -- considering that the location was somewhat close to NYC. A group of people actually stopped and helped when I had a yard sale after I hit and bounced off that sink hole (my helmet saved me again)
- somewhat low cost (but IMHO because of the extremely limited terrain it should have been discounted on that day)
- unlike most other green runs elsewhere, their 2-mile long green run called Powder Puff had a lot of charm

Expected some snow coverage and more trails opened, we packed my 8K, my 11-yo twin-tips and my 8-yo Bandit Jr. Needless to say, we spent all day testing out the edges and the ability of these skis on higher speed groomers. Our fun day could have ended after 2 runs, one on each of the two black groomers. Then we spotted a high school race coach setting up stubbies for a GS/SG course on The Face. So, my daughters decided to check out the course and ended up running it for the bulk of the next 2 hours with the high school racers. (even I with my less-than-competent skills got curious and ran it a few times) When the course became close to non-skiable with the twins/AM, we headed off to Powder Puff. The thin crowd and turny layout made it ideal and fun to work on their skills while still thinking of it as free skiing. After doing that a bunch of times, we ended the day with a couple of runs down the steeps that we started with.

To conclude, what could have been a disappointing day turned out to be somewhat of a fun filled day. We skied pretty hard all day and we became plenty pooped afterward.