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Kids mogul skis

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I'm in the market for a pair of mogul skis for my son.
He is 12 yrs 5'1" 130 pounds.
He is now skiing on 130cm junior bandits and is ready and overdue to move up in size to a more stable ski. I'm looking at 150cm in size my son is in a bump and jumps freestyle class for 8 hours a weekend and competes every month. The 1st priority is a ski that performs well in the bumps and is stable when landing his jumps. the skis that he is interested in are.
  • Rossignol scratch pro jr.
  • K2 Juvy
  • Dynastar team trouble
  • Fischer Villain
All junior skis. The sales clerk at a local ski shop did not recommend any of the above due to his weight and being a strong skier "he is in between jr.ski and adult ski" the clerk said recommended the K2 Bad seed or a Scratch BC. Both these skis are very wide underfoot 80mm and don't seem like a good mogul ski but rather an all mountain powder ski.the salesman said he will feel more stable and land better jumps with these skis. Since they don't have kids specific mogul skis has anybody tried any of these skis including Bad seed and the BC

Thank you
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Hart F17t a real beefy ski that will hold up to a couple of seasons on mogul abuse.
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For strict mogul use, I'd agree that a powder twin like the Scratch BC or Bad Seed is not the way to go. If you were in the West, you might consider it anyway for versatility, but not in the East.

Phil's suggestion of the Harts may be a good one as well. They appear to be a true kids' mogul ski, and AFAIK, that's unique. But I don't have personal experience.

The most bomber kids' park ski I've seen is the Line Invader/Celebrity Mini -- and that evaluation is true at any price, let alone the heavily discounted $100-150 these tend to run (retail is only $250). My 10-year-old, 4'11", 85-pound daughter rides the 143 tele (I picked up the 2006 graphics version for $80 over the summer), and the construction appears better than most adult skis -- beefy edges, nice thick base. Since it's a true twin, your son probably won't have a problem with a 153. But if you wanted to stick with the 143 for a season, you can probably find them cheap enough that you wouldn't need to worry about squeezing a second season out of them before moving him to 150-somethings, either adult or junior; he is, as the salesperson pointed out, smack between the two at that weight.

As for the other skis you're considering... one of my seven-year-olds has the Juvy in a 119 and the other has the Villain's predecessor, the Riu Jr, in a 131 (AFAIK, the only difference vs. the Villain is the topsheets). Both kids love them, but my sense is that the build quality of the Fischer (and its Salomon twin, more topsheet engineering) is somewhat better, with thicker edges and a solid black ptex base.
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Head makes the Mojo Mogul in a 156cm length, a true competition bump ski. Volkl makes the Rebellion in a 150cm length. Almost every company makes a jr twin tip that is 'adult construction' that work well as all-around freestyle skis. Think Dynastar Nothin' But Trouble or Troubled Youth, Rossi Scratch ghetto pro, etc.
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We're placing a Hart F17t in a 148 with the Squaw Valley Junior Racers, in about a week. I'd be happy to forward any comments.
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Thanks everyone for your advice.
My son tried out the 2007 Rossignol Scratch pro FS and loved them, so he will go with that ski in a 148 cm They have a 14.5 m radius an are 110-80-103
Should also be good when he is out of class and in the trees.
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